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Fitness Within a Lifetime

Once, when dad and I were en route to home following drive, we went past a large fitness center, which was a Lifetime Fitness location.

Lifetime Fitness contains everything you would contain within mind when it comes to the interior of a fitness center: equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, other stretching equipment, weight-lifting related ones, as well as balls for its yoga/club room, plus specific rooms, such as those ones with the exercise equipment containing televisions, as well as a rock climbing area…

However, within THIS fitness center chain, there is capable of being quite a bit of ADDITIONAL attractions, whether it is indoor or outdoor, involving tennis courts, basketball gyms, swimming lap pools, areas specially for children consisting of both daycare plus clubs, its own cafe, as well as even a WATERPARK…

How it’s Produced: Paintings

You are presumably aware that artists, even children who are still taking class, may be experienced ones. It also may be as part of a class art assignment. This post will consider four art assignments of mine like that from my previous two high school years, three from 11th grade and the other from 12th grade.

In Art 2D in 11th grade in September 2019, we were assigned to do an assignment that parodied certain notable artwork with animated characters. For mine, following pondering for a bit, I ended up figuring I would do a parody of the American Gothic with Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and Ms. Gill enjoyed that decision.

As part of the assignment, it was necessary for us to draw a rough draft pencil sketch of our artwork ahead of time. Therefore, I did mine for my American Gothic parody with Roger and Jessica Rabbit, where Jessica is posing as the farmer, as well as holding the pitchfork, whereas Roger is posing as the woman to the left of him.

The rough draft where it was drawn only in pencil that I did.

Finally by that next month, the final draft was wrapped up; I did that one by colored pencil. It ended up being placed in the display case in a tiny hallway on the right, directly in front of the hallway doors where Ms. GIll’s room is located, along with a large number of additional projects from this assignment. There was also initially a plan to place them in Whitewater’s Free Library as part of an art show there in April as well, although it got called off due to COVID-19. Mom then sent it to additional teachers and friends throughout facebook instead.

Me holding the final draft of the Roger and Jessica Rabbit American Gothic parody, just following wrapping it up.
The same artwork as it appears in my bedroom today.

Just following that project, we also received a further assignment, which was a project involving 5 images, one with out name spelled out, and as the images went on, the letters morphed into something separate.

Figuring what mine would morph into was less than the easiest, although then I came up with them morphing into instruments on a stage, with a certain in the rear of them.

My project with the 5 images where my name morphs into instruments.

Also, within the spring semester of that school year, we were assigned to do a colored painting of a family member’s face, with separate paint colors for specific details, from a photograph image of them.

I figured I would do mine a a close-up photograph of my mom, and I asked her for it. She handed me this photograph of her face:

Following that, I decided to use the hot-themed colors red, yellow, and orange for my project. It took rather a bit to get it outlined. First of all, we began the project with lines, all vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, in pencil, in order to us to line the face up. Following that, we drew the face in pencil as well. Following that as well, we erased the lines; that is when we began painting. I ended up having to wrap mine up t home; I actually ended up painting it until approximately 2 A.M.! Not to be concerned though, I did get along alright the following school day.

Finally, within the conclusion of thy previous school year, we were assigned to an assignment that involved a serene nature scene from a photograph.

Within that process, I ended up selecting this image:

The serene photograph that I selected.

I also did this one at home purely as a result of COVID-19, though I turned it in Ms. Gill’s room as well.

The final artwork as it appears in my bedroom today.


The Ingleside Post

I really apologize for doing this post on a Tuesday rather than the weekend, it is only I ended up getting spaced off, as well as the fact that it was rather tardy when I thought of doing the posts. I was also out rather a bit on Sunday, first with Dad for a drive up to Cambridge for shopping, then up to Deerfield and back, as well as a walk later on. I did insert this post’s title on Saturday, however, prior to me unintentionally doing it with ANOTHER (this one) post. I began working on this post further on Monday, however, then it was rather tardy and I ended up running out of time. I also apologize if you believed I had forgotten about or quickly abandoned the new but long-pushed back weekly-post routine.

If you have driven along Interstate 94 within Pewaukee, Wisconsin, you have presumably noticed a hotel containing an indoor waterpark on its left, as you are can clearly notice the couple of waterslides sticking out of its left side, something you do not normally see with hotels other than resorts such as Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge. It is currently named The Ingleside Hotel, although it was Country Springs Inn prior to January 2018.

You’ve figured it, this is Ingleside’s main front entrance.
The waterslides sticking out of the left side that I mentioned.
Ingleside’s front lobby as well as its reservation desk.
Ingleside’s lobby.
Ingleside’s lounge area.

Dad, who has stayed at Ingleside multiple times, first stayed at this hotel in November 2004 when it was known as Country Springs, although the waterpark was not there until a couple years following that. The waterpark’s name is Springs Water Park. Below is just a series of photographs of its interior, just to somewhat give you a brief tour…

Ingleside, however, is ABSOLUTELY more than just the Springs Water Park.

It even contains a SECOND pool, although that is the sort of pool you see at hotels rather more frequently. However, even that has a rock pool containing a couple of house decorations as well as even a platform with it accompanied by a bench.

The second pool that I just mentioned.

Ingleside’s restaurant is also Didi’s Supper Club. Below are 2 photographs of its interior…

In addition, Ingleside also contains its own arcade…

Also, let’s not exclude Ingleside’s wedding room, ballroom, gazebo (where you may also have weddings), pavilion, as well as its meeting room.

Ingleside’s wedding room.
Ingleside’s ballroom.
An additional Ingleside ballroom.
Ingleside’s gazebo.
Ingleside’s pavilion.
A larger view of the table hut and picnic tables, as well as the field, path, and basketball hoop spot in the rear of them.
Ingleside’s meeting room.

Also, not to mention in the holiday season, Ingleside also places up its own holiday scenery…

There is also a winter train scenery included in this…

And finally, Ingleside has its own annual holiday light show, named the Country Christmas Light Show. As a matter of fact, it is the largest in Wisconsin…

First things first, even at the start of August, here is Country Christmas Light Show’s title sign.

So if you ever hear that hotels with waterparks, whether or not they are large resorts, are indeed more than only that, as of this second you are at least aware of what that specially means.


IPhone/IPad Varieties

In case you were unaware of this, I rather contain an ear for music. My iPhone initially contained must Amazon Music until it got switched to apple music in the summer of 2018, since amazon music was increasing the amount of songs still available.

Amazon Music icon.
Apple Music icon.

Once in June 2012 in the midst of a Virginia Trip, en rout to home from Washington D>C. while in a large tragic jam, my Mom showed mea number of children’s apps, such as Frosby, Memory Train, and Bugs and Buttons.

Frosby icon.
Memory Train icon.
Bugs and Buttons icon.

Also, in August 2014, in the midst of a trip iOn Mona Terrace with Grandpa Jack and his friend Barb, Dad showed me the Dots apple game.

Dots icon.

Also, When I iPad got updated in early 2016, A number a further games were added, such as Two Dots and Hearthstone.

Two Dots icon.

Also, prior to that in early 2014, a number of apps got updated to my phone as well, including Angry Birds, Angry Bird Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Flow Free, as well as Dress the Griffin.

Angry Birds icon.
Angry Birds Space icon.
Angry Birds Seasons icon.
Flow Free icon.
Dress the Griffin icon.

A further have owned since approximately the summer of 2013 is Aero!.

Aero! icon.

Furthermore, we are ALL aware of the Phone, Clock, Notes, Camera, Messages, Flashlight, Text, Mail, as well as Software apps, as well as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox apps if your phone contains one.

Phone icon.
Clock icon.
Notes icon.
Camera icon.
Messages icon.
Flashlight icon.
Mail icon.
Settings icon.
Safari icon.
Chrome icon.
Firefox icon.

A single additional app that I gained and also contain on my watch in early 2019 and also contain on my watch is Shazam.

Shazam icon.


Once in a Rail Time

First of all, I greatly apologize for less than doing a post in 3 years, it was only I ended up doing other stuff in that matter of time. I was initially planning doing a post each weekend by the beginning of 2019, as well as a couple of times afterward as well, however those were missed for that reason as well, so I greatly apologize for that as well.

Anyway, the previous summer vacation, Mom and I were planning on getting a witness of a Wisconsin and Southern fright train from over neath this bridge by Washington Elementary School in Whitewater where I went to Elementary school. Mom has also been a teacher there for 24 years.

The line you see in Whitewater today runs from Horicon to Janesville and is over 165 years old, and although daily passenger stops were once quite a common thing in Whitewater, consider yourself real lucky if you see a train there nowadays besides a Wisconsin and Southern (or other diesel locomotives within that matter) freight train. The line first came to Whitewater in 1852, as did its first passenger depot. In 1891, a new passenger depot (the one you see by Trippy Lake today) was constructed and the old passenger depot was converted into a freight one. You may have heard that rail transport declined following World War II due to automobile competition, and the initial amount of 8 daily passenger stops was decreased in the 1940s according to a bronze plaque by the passenger depot, although the final passenger stop was not until November 29, 1951. The passenger depot reopened as a museum in 1974. As for the freight depot, it was demolished in 1990 following being vacant for quite a bit.

The 1891 passenger depot as well as the bronze plaque that I mentioned just earlier.

Anyway, Mom and I figured a normal time for the Wisconsin and Southern freight trains passing through Whitewater, which was around 5:30 on Thursdays. We finally went on July 16, and a mother and her sons even accompanied us within that time. I did believe a got a footage of the train passing down us from when it was first seeable through when it was completely out of sight. However, it was following us returning home that I realized my simple error: me unintentionally left my camera on “photos”. Though here are the images I got anyway:

Luckily, Mom still got HER footage of the train, and she even included me in it at its conclusion.

The Wisconsin and Southern train footage Mom shot the previous time.

Mom and I did consider heading there a second time in order for me to get a footage this time, however we only ended up doing other stuff then as well, and that was not until one of my walks just 2 days ago, again on a Thursday exactly one year afterwards. While I was being patient for the freight train, I noticed an interesting scene on a basketball hoop lying on the bridge legs beside the rails, detached from its platform:

I finally heard a freight train in the distance, and it was headed in the same direction as the train we got a year earlier. However this time, the locomotives appeared to be Union Pacific locomotives with their front logos peeled off. I DID get a footage of the train up to it being purely out of sight this time:

The Union Pacific train footage I shot in the midst of my walk. I apologize for my finger being in it a couple of times, as well as the shaking at 0:37; there was this insect that would not quit buzzing around me.

I had also noticed that there was now slight growth on the track; in order to show that, I photographed shots from each side on the track from the bridge following the train being out of sight (thought I could still hear its horn in the distance for a bit):

I photographed another interesting sight as I was exiting the bridge as well, which was this stone directly underneath the side of the bridge reading the BR and MP as well.

I photographed a sign informing the bridge’s history as well:

I photographed a bit more of the slight growth on the rails en route to home as well: the first 2 were less than close-up images, so I photographed 2 further images to show it easier. I posted the first 2 photographs up anyway, just so you are capable seeing what they are.

Finally, I got a pair of shots of the crossings’ relay case as well: the first is a zoomed image in order to the dot code to be read easier, and the other is a full size image of the relay case in its surrounding area.

As of this second, the pleasant news is: I truly WILL assume doing posts each weekend as of today.


The Story of The Nick Jr. Channel

Sorry I didn’t do any posts for March or April, but I’ve just been more busy with my “plans and other things”. This will be a pretty long post, so be prepared.

In 1995, the Children’s Television Workshop began plans for its own educational channel. The channel would feature several of its programs other than the famous Sesame Street. At first, channel was going to be called “New Kid City”, but soon that plan was withdrawn. But a few years later, the CTW teamed with Viacom to make another attempt to launch the channel. This time, the new channel would be known as “Noggin”. Noggin would feature several children’s programs that “had the goal of positioning programs at the forefront of the digital cable movement”.

And, on February 2, 1999, Noggin finally launched at 6 in the morning. The first ever program to air on the channel was the pilot episode of Sesame Street from 1969.

After that, the first few episodes of The Electric Company from 1971 aired on Noggin. At the time, those episodes had not been broadcast in more than two decades.

When Noggin first launched, only satellite providers EchoStar and Dish Network carried the channel.

Anyway, during the channel’s first three years of service, most of its programs were aimed at pre-teens. Shows like 3-2-1 Contact, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Square One Television aired on the channel.

What was bizarre about the channel, however, some its programs were aimed at preschoolers. Shows like Allegra’s Window, Gullah Gullah Island, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and Kipper, aired on Noggin during its first 3-year run as well.

Noggin’s first mascot was Phred, a bizarre-looking pickle character.

However, Noggin’s ratings had gotten low. So on April 1, 2002, the channel went through some major upgrades…

Noggin’s programs were switched to fully-preschooler aimed.

At this time, Noggin got new shows, like Tiny Planets, Play With Me Sesame, and Blue’s Clues, and other preschool shows.

But that some day, a new nighttime programming block called The N was launched on Noggin.

The N was a network that broadcasted programs aimed for older audiences than Noggin, Nickelodeon, and Nicktoons. Noggin and The N shared time space with each other: Noggin ran from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time, while The N ran from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM Eastern Time seven nights a week.

Also on April 1, 2002, Noggin removed Phred and replaced him with a new mascot named Feetface.

Every day when Noggin signed off, it showed a message that Noggin would be back at 6:00 AM the next morning. Down below is what Noggin showed when it signed on during its first year as a time-shared preschool service.

A few shows that were on Noggin during its pre-teen service, like Sponk! and A Walk in Your Shoes, moved to The N.

That same year, Sesame Workshop’s rights to the channel expired and Viacom gained full control of it.

Noggin used Feetface just fine for almost a year, but on March 8, 2003, trailers featuring Moose A. Moose and Zee began…

At 6:00 PM Eastern Time on April 6, 2003, Noggin signed off with Feetface for the last time. Kipper and Allegra’s Window were dropped from the schedule as well. When Noggin signed on the next day, Moose and Zee took over as Noggin’s mascots. Also, six new shows premiered on Noggin: Bob the Builder, Coonie the Cow, Oobi, Dora the Explorer, Tweenies, and Miffy and Friends.

Beginning then, Noggin used the “Fantastic Day” song whenever it signed on…

…and the “Done Day” song whenever it signed off.

In April 2004, Gullah Gullah Island was pulled from Noggin’s schedule. In the next month, it was announced that Tiny Planets, which aired as 5-minute segments in shows, would get expanded into a half-hour show due to popularity. By early June 2004, the Tiny Planets expansion was complete, and Tiny Planets was then broadcasted on the 7:30 AM slot. At that time, Noggin also added Rubbadubbers to its lineup.

In early September 2004, Noggin added Lazytown to its lineup.

That same year, Noggin began broadcasting the annual Worldwide Day of Play, as with all of the other Nickelodeon Channels.

In January 2005, Noggin premiered a new original program, 64 Zoo Lane.

The Goodbye Song was last used for a while on June 19, 2005. The following evening, it was replaced by a new sign-off segment called “See What That Cat Is Up To”.

On September 11, 2005, when Noggin’s rights to classic Sesame Workshop programs expired, 1-2-3 Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, and Rubbadubbers were pulled from Noggin’s lineup. The next day, a new Noggin show called Jack’s Big Music Show premiered on Noggin.

At that time, to allow more shows, Tweenies moved to the 6:00 AM slot (the first show slot of the day on Noggin). In November of that year, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends was added to Noggin’s lineup. Down below is a series of Noggin shows recorded from 2005.

On January 1, 2006, to allow more shows, Tweenies were permanently pulled from Noggin’s schedule, with Tiny Planets moving to the 6:00 AM slot and taking its place. There was a rumor that Tiny Planets would get pulled from Noggin’s lineup like Tweenies did.

On March 23, 2006, Noggin added The Backyardigans to its lineup. That same day, Noggin began advertising for a new show called Pinky Dinky Doo, which premiered in the UK nearly a year earlier.

On April 10, 2006, Pinky Dinky Doo made its premiere on Noggin. Then, Tiny Planets was finally pulled from Noggin’s lineup.

On July 4, 2006, “See What That Cat Is Up To” was used for the last time. The following evening, the “Done Day” song returned. Later that year, Noggin added new Nick Jr. shows like The Wonder Pets and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy to its lineup.

In August 2006, Noggin began advertising for the short-lived The Upside Down Show.

On October 6, 2006, The Upside Down Show premiered on Noggin.

On April 2, 2007, Noggin got a minor upgrade. It was renamed as Nick’s Noggin now that it was carrying more Nick Jr. programs. At this time, Bruno, Connie the Cow, and Miffy and Friends were pulled from Noggin’s lineup. Also, Play With Me Sesame moved to the 6:00 AM slot.

That year, Viacom decided that Noggin and The N needed to be separate channels. By then, Nickelodeon GAS, the sister channel of Nickelodeon, Noggin, Nicktoons, and The N, was only airing an automated loop of old Nickelodeon game shows.

So, on August 13, 2007, Nickelodeon announced that December 31, 2007, Nickelodeon GAS would shut down, with The N taking it over, allowing both The N and Noggin to become 24/7 services.

In early September 2007, Play With Me Sesame was pulled from Noggin’s lineup when it moved to PBS Kids Sprout. Later that month, Noggin added Little Bill, a former Nick Jr. show to its lineup. In early November 2007, Maisy was pulled from Noggin’s lineup as well.

Finally, on December 30, 2007, after the Little Bear episode “Emily’s Visit”, the old timesharing version of Noggin signed off for the last time.

The last program to air on the 12-hour version of The N was the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode, “Do You Want Me, Part 2”, followed by the music video of “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. After that, when Noggin signed back as a new 24/7 service, the “Fantastic Day” song was not shown, instead it went straight into a 64 Zoo Lane episode.

At that minute, Nickelodeon GAS had just showed an episode of Figure It Out. It then aired a bumper, followed by a longer one, but the longer bumper was cut hallway through when it switched to The N with the pilot episode of Instant Star.

That evening, Noggin hosted a movie marathon in honor of getting its 24/7 back.

Well, that’s how it was on most cables. DirecTV and Dish Network had problems during the switchover, so they both kept Nickelodeon GAS on the air. At 7:25 AM Eastern Time, DirecTV finally switched Nickelodeon GAS to The N, while Dish Network still had problems…

While Noggin and The N’s 24/7 services were peaceful on most cables, they were not on Dish Network. Dish Network again tried to switch Nickelodeon GAS to The N on January 31, 2008, but even then it had problems, so it kept Nickelodeon GAS and Noggin and The N’s timesharing through all of 2008 and even into 2009.

On February 24, 2009, it was announced that Noggin would rebrand as Nick Jr. and The N would rebrand as TeenNick. It was said that it was to fully bring both channel with the Nickelodeon brand. But even 2 months after this announce, Nickelodeon GAS and the timesharing will still kept on Dish Network. Would Noggin and The N timeshare as Nick Jr. and TeenNick on Dish Network?

On April 22, 2009, as part of a minor channel shuffle, Dish Network announced  that the Pacific Time Zone feed of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim on channel 181 would move to channel 177 (the channel Nickelodeon GAS was on) and take Nickelodeon GAS’s space. At first, no one thought it would happen, but at 3:30 the next morning, Nickelodeon GAS had finished airing an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple and had just aired a bumper when it switched into the Pacific Adult Swim with an episode of Squidbillies.

A message saying that ToonWest moved to channel 177 temporally took over the channel 181 slot until May 6, 2009, when The N moved to channel 181, with Noggin remaining on channel 169. Therefore, both channels finally become 24/7.

Even though Noggin and The N were now 24/7 on Dish Network as well, their rebrandings as Nick Jr. and TeenNick had already been announced, so both channels only got four months of 24/7 services on Dish Network, but they spend those entire 24/7 services as soon to be rebranded channels.

I know that sounds kind of unfair, but let’s just be thankful Noggin and The N got at least SOME 24/7 service time on the Dish Network cable.

Anyway, on June 18, 2009, Nickelodeon unveiled the new logos for these channels…

Finally, at 6:00 AM Eastern Time on September 28, 2009, Noggin and The N become Nick Jr. and TeenNick for good. When Noggin become Nick Jr., 64 Zoo Lane was pulled from the channel’s lineup.

It’s not like the channel actually rebranded, however. The channel kept its same shows and designs. It even kept its mascots, Moose and Zee! It’s typically only the name that changed.

On July 17, 2010, LazyTown was pulled from Nick Jr.’s lineup. On October 30th of that year, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast was also pulled from Nick Jr.’s lineup. Nick Jr. acquired some more shows from Nickelodeon, however, such as The Fresh Beat Band and Team Umizoomi.

On February 5, 2011, Peppa Pig, which had been airing on Nick Jr. as 5-minute segments between shows, got its own half-hour show. On April 8, 2011, Pinky Dinky Doo was pulled from Nick Jr.’s lineup as well. On July 19, 2011, Pocoyo, which had been airing as 7-minuted segments between shows a for year, was expanded into its on half-hour show.

In November 2011, Viacom announced that in the 2012-2013 television season, a new block named NickMom would launch. The new block would be aimed at mother audiences.

In early January 2012, Gullah Gullah Island was pulled from Noggin’s lineup.

There were originally plans for a NickMom version of the sign off message from when Noggin switched to The N. But on February 29, 2012, Moose and Zee appeared on the channel for the last time…

On March 1, 2012, Nick Jr. pulled Moose and Zee and got new 3D bumpers.

Some shows that were on Nick Jr. got pulled from this retheming, but a few of them returned to the lineup later that year.

Finally, on October 1, 2012, NickMom launched. NickMom ran from 10:00 PM Eastern Time to 2:00 AM Eastern Time.

On March 11, 2013, Toot and Puddle, Oswald, Oobi, Jack’s Big Music Show, and Franklin were pulled from Nick Jr.’s lineup.

On February 24, 2014, Little Bill was pulled from Nick Jr.’s lineup, with Wow! Wow! Wubbzy being dropped in April and Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends being dropped in September.

On September 9, 2015, due to a 2015 Viacom cutback and low ratings, NickMom announced that it would shut down at the end of the month. On September 28, 2015, NickMom went off the air for good. Therefore, Nick Jr. once against become a 24/7 service.

The channel has not really gone through any upgrades since then, but it has been dropping old shows and adding new shows, respectively.

This post is now finally finished.