True Arby’s

First of all, happy Halloween 2021! Walmart may have some hardware in store, but Whitewater’s primary store for hardware is a Winchester True Value. It has actually been serving Whitewater for just over a century and a half (151 years to be specific), although it did not move to its current location until 1995. By late 2018, there were plans to construct Whitewater its own Arby’s, within True Value’s parking lot, on the left. And yes, the Arby’s was constructed prior to opening in March 2020. While I am aware that businesses like this (particularly restaurants) can be in parking […]

Eat at Jessica’s

Recall in an earlier post where I considered the Wall Crawlers rock climbing gym being replaced with an expanded portion of Jessica’s restaurants? Well in this one, I believe it is about time I consider more about Jessica’s in THIS one… First of all, the building was first constructed in 1873. It was also at least one previous restaurant prior to finally opening as Jessica’s in 1991. It is actually one of those restaurants that has a vintage large “EAT” lighted sign on its exterior. Now, Jessica’s is your traditional classic family restaurant, serving breakfast meals containing things such as […]

Verlo: Mattress Factory Post

Suppose you have received a product of outside of your community, or a store of its might have relocated to a different one. Verlo Mattress Factory Stores would be the example I am best familiar with. Verlo was first founded in 1958 in McHenry, Illinois, as was its partner company VyMaC Corporation, although its headquarters did not move to Whitewater until 1971, located at W3130 State Highway 59 in a series of buildings. Verlo also operates stores within Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, and Colorado, as well as formerly in Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, plus Texas. Verlo […]

One Roof is Nowadays Stronger Than Two

While a business may be around for quite a few decades, it might not always operate in the same building. I did consider a similar thing in a recent post involving Whitewater High School. If you would like a second example however, I would be glad to give it to you: The Coburn Company, which has produced farm and animal related equipment, and was first established in 1925. Though, it did not move into a building at 834 West Milwaukee Street until 1975. Plus in 2005, the Company expanded into a second building as well at 1065 Universal Boulevard. However, […]

Lake or Marsh

There have been two lakes within Whitewater: Tripp and Cravath. However, over time, there have been algae and weeds that grew in both lakes, that is poisonous to fish residing in them. As a result the city began draining both lakes in July of 2019. Both lakes have currently been fully drowned. With that, they temporally became marshes, until the weeds get cut down, and following that the city will begin returning the water, which is expected to be in Spring 2022. I believe it also the lakes being present will be nice, not just since they have returned, although […]

Kwik Stop

We ALL have made brief stops at fuel stations in the midst of road trips, although suppose that fuel station was A Kwik Trip or Kwik Star. Kwik Trip was founded in 1965 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, although its headquarters have been in La Crosse since 1973. The locations within Iowa and Illinois are branded as Kwik Star instead in order to avoid confusion with QuikTrip; Kwik Star first opened in Iowa in 1993. Anyway, Kwik Trip is currently constructing two Whitewater locations, the first of which is by the roundabout at Elkhorn Road. Previously in 2005, an independent grocer […]