You Bet Your UWW Life

Now, I am certain that you have gone to, or are going to in the future, college. Since that is the case with the one who has been typing on this post now… I am currently taking college online. That college is Bellevue College…which is in the state of Washington, over 1,800 miles from where my parents and I reside. The reason for that is a few years ago, we had been thinking moving moving to the area where Aidan and Lucy live.

2023, Outward

Well, oh yes, this is simply a year-out post to the year 2023 and is a welcoming to, you’ve guessed it, the following year. This post will also reveal some things I just see ahead for the new year… Now, in March comes a Seattle trip, where we visit my older brother Aidan and his family. Here is Rita’s first birthday celebration! Also, on the final day of April, my other older brother Jacob (or Jake for short) and his future wife Cynthia will be staying over with me and my parents for 9 days. During one of those days […]

Bowling Up Buildings

Yeah, in earlier posts, I have considered how building have gotten demolished and replaced with newer tenant ones. However, in THIS post, I will consider TWO such events occurring. First things first, you have heard of Starbucks Coffee, right? How about the grocer chain Aldi? Well, neither of them are now leaving Whitewater. In, fact it is the polar opposite; both of them are currently, to have replaced older Whitewater buildings. Actually the Aldi’s is to replace a building that once houses an apartment area AND a bowling alley (one which I mentioned in an earlier post)… …yes, the Hawk […]