Verlo: Mattress Factory Post

Suppose you have received a product of outside of your community, or a store of its might have relocated to a different one. Verlo Mattress Factory Stores would be the example I am best familiar with. Verlo was first founded in 1958 in McHenry, Illinois, although its headquarters did not move to Whitewater until 1971, located at W3130 State Highway 59. Verlo has also operated stores, former or current, within Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, plus Texas. Verlo has also had its mascot, Mattie the Mattress Man, since 1998. Though in 2003, […]

One Roof is Nowadays Stronger Than Two

While a business may be around for quite a few decades, it might not always operate in the same building. I did consider a similar thing in a recent post involving Whitewater High School. If you would like a second example however, I would be glad to give it to you: The Coburn Company, which has produced farm and animal related equipment, and was first established in 1925. Though, it did not move into a building at 834 West Milwaukee Street until 1975. Plus in 2005, the Company expanded into a second building as well at 1065 Universal Boulevard. However, […]