Some Great Past Times From When I Was Younger (and My Future Ahead of Me)

Well, it’s the last weekend of September 2015. In just a little more than 3 months from now, after 12 long years I will finally become an teenager. It’s an interesting feeling, but I enjoyed the years before that too. I wanted to share some fantastic and some sad past times from the previous years, so this will be kind of a long post. In June of 2011, most of my family and I went on a cruise trip for 10 days. On June 17, my parents, brothers, and I left our house and flew over to New Jersey. On June […]

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer ALL Tracks

Finally, I posted up ALL Star Wars Pod Racer tracks, and they ALL use their track favorite. They are shown one-by-one down below. Most racers have only 1 track. Sebulba the Dug, however, has 3 tracks. Well, that’s the end of this post. CATCH MY OTHER POSTS!

How Roads change around Wig-Wag signals

There once was a Wig-Wag signal at Blue River, Wisconsin. The road was South East Street, and the railroad was Wisconsin and Southern. The other side of the crossing had one crossbuck, and one yield sign. But then, during October of 2006, things changed. The workers had re-paved the road at the crossing, resulting the Wig-Wag to get pulled out of service, and a crossbuck and a stop sign took over the Wig-Wag. Down below is an image of the new replacement sign right after the crossing was upgraded. In Madison, Wisconsin, there are 2 crossings on the same pathway. They […]

The Bear Toys on a Cloudy Day

In the LITTLE BEAR episode, “Rainy Day Friends”, Grandfather Bear has 4 toys that he plays with on rainy days. And the toys are: The Happy Ball- A small, pink ball. Its jaw is light pink with a small, dark, and red bear nose on it. The nose has a line down through it. The ball has white eyes with small, pure-black pupils on them. Above the eye, are small, thin eyebrows. The ball was shown smiling. The Jack-in-the-Box- A bear clown that has an orange, 3-edged jester hat, with a small, yellow bell on each edge. He has a light brown […]

Whitewater, Wisconsin-Old and Different

Finally, here’s today’s post: How Whitewater, Wisconsin changed over time. There once was a place called WALL CRAWLERS next to Jessica’s restaurant. It was used by the boy scouts during their activities. It had this huge, indoor climbing wall that the boy scouts could go on. Dad and my older brother Jacob have been to it 5 or 6 times. Mom and I have been in it only once. Google Maps showed photos of it in October 2007 and again in September 2009. Those street views show it back then-open and operating. But in 2010, since no one wanted to be the […]

How to Really Pod Your Critter

If you’ve ever watched the 1999 film STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE, you’d probably remember the pod race scene, on Tatooine, called the Boonta Eve Classic. Down below is a video of the whole, entire race. A few scenes including Lap 2 were cut off, however. Down below is the extended lap 2 version with the deleted scenes. Anakin Skywalker won the race and Sebulba (the track favorite) crashed. In addition to putting it in the film, they also made a game of it called STAR WARS EPISODE 1: RACER. The Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine with Sebulba […]

The Disney Semi-Features

My first post of September! It’s hard to believe that now I’m in 7th grade and that next year I’ll be 13 years old. Also, due to class throughout most of the week days, for now I’ll do posts ONLY on the weekends. First, here are some summarized Lilo and Stitch trailers: Beauty and the Beast: Belle and Beast begin their ballroom dance sequence as normal. But the the camera pans to the angels on the ceiling, Stitch is seen crawling across the painting. Watching Belle and Beast, he crawls onto the chandelier, which breaks and falls. Beast notices, dives, […]