Citgo to Casey’s

You remember how two posts ago, I considered how business are able to go through name and owner change? Well, I will consider just another situation like that in THIS post as well… Until just a couple years ago, there were two Citgo fuel stations in my community (similar to the future two Kwik Trips). One was located on Main street, just across the road from Wal-Mart. The other was also on Main street, but on the inverse side of town, not far at all from the elementary school which I attended. The convenience stores and fuel were both fine. […]

Motor or Sooner

There is such thing as business having their owners replaced, as well as somethings having their names changed in the process. Well I am aware of an example in my community, plus I will share that with you in this post. Zingg Motors in Whitewater, Wisconsin was first founded in 1990. Eventually, it received two locations in the community, both of which were on either side of the current True Value location. The Zingg Motors on the left of True Value sold automobiles from Pontiac, Buick, as well as GMC. While the one one the right of it sold Chrysler, […]

Kwik Stop

We ALL have made brief stops at fuel stations in the midst of road trips, although suppose that fuel station was A Kwik Trip or Kwik Star. Kwik Trip was founded in 1965 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, although its headquarters have been in La Crosse since 1973. The locations within Iowa and Illinois are branded as Kwik Star instead in order to avoid confusion with QuikTrip; Kwik Star first opened in Iowa in 1993. Anyway, Kwik Trip is currently constructing two Whitewater locations, the first of which is by the roundabout at Elkhorn Road. Previously in 2005, an independent grocer […]

Automobile Tale

Suppose your family has owned different automobiles through the years. In my family’s case, while we owned three cars from the time of my birth, for nearly the past decade and a half we have currently owned just two at a time. A couple of those three cars were both Chevrolet Blazers, just painted in different color schemes, one with sunset gold, the other with green. The final was a black Saturn SL2. Sadly, we first lost the green Blazer in the early summer of 2007, when it simply became too old and no longer worked. The same thing occurred […]