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Tough Moment in Your Mind?

In Whitewater, there is a Sentry Foods store. Down below is an image of it.


Right next to Sentry on the left, there is a Walmart store. Down below is a google maps view of it from October 2007.

Then, in the summer of 2011, the Walmart was upgraded into a larger, and cheaper one that now sells foods. Down below is an image of it of September 2012.

Due to the newer Walmart being more cheaper, Sentry lost a lot of money. It was in mid-October 2015 that they announced they were closing. The Sentry in Whitewater will be gone by December 16, 2015. The rumor is that the location will be turned into another grocery store or an auto dealership. Make your visits now! Otherwise you’ll have to look up their locations to make your permanent Sentry trip….

Wisconsin lost the basketball championship this year, but hopefully they can win it next year.

On a CN line (before 2001), there were 4 wig-wags.

Epworth Peosta Galena NearGalena

Sadly, the one in Epworth was removed in May 2001. The one in Peosta was removed in August 2002. The one in Galena was removed in June 2013. The one in JoDaviess County (I don’t know the exact month but it was between April 2001 and September 2008) is gone as well. Most of the crossings now have flashers, but the one in Epworth has wooden signs.

That’s it for this post (and October 2015) (Happy Halloween, after all). Stay tuned for my next post.


Turn on your Noggin

Sorry, I’ would’ve written a post LAST weekend, except we had to much business to do.

In 1999, a preteen network called NOGGIN launched.Noggin TopLess

From 1999-2002, the channel was meant for preteens. Some programs were meant for preschoolers, however.

On April 1, 2002, the format was changed, and now little children programming was shown on it ALL the time.

On the same day Viacom lanced The N, a network for teenagers. At 6:00 PM ET every night, Noggin would switch to The N, but in the morning at 6 AM ET, they would switch back. It went like this for over 5 years.

On August 13, 2007, it was announced that Nick GAS, a game show channel which was no good at that time, would shut down and would be replaced by a 24/7 version of The N.

On December 30, 2007, the final program to air on the timesharing Noggin was the LITTLE BEAR episode, “Emily’s Visit”.

Meanwhile, the next morning, the last program to air on the timesharing The N was DEGRASSI episode, “Don’t You Want Me? Part 2”, followed by its last music video, “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. At 6 AM ET, Noggin and The N split, though Noggin didn’t show its sign-on song as usual, and it cut right into the 64 ZOO LANE episode, “The Story Of Petula The Parrot”.

Meanwhile, on Nick GAS’s slot, it had just finished airing an episode of FIGURE IT OUT. It also aired a short bumper, followed by a longer one, but halfway through, it was cut and was replaced with The N with the pilot INSTANT STAR episode.

However, DirecTV and Dish Network had problems at that time, so they both kept Nick GAS on the air. At 7:25 AM ET that same day, DirecTV did its work, but Dish still had concerns. However, on April 22, 2009, Dish announced the Pacific Time Zone feed of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim on channel 181 would move channel 177 and take over Nick GAS’s space.

And so, at 3:30 AM ET on April 23, 2009, Nick GAS had just finished airing an episode of LEGNED OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. It then aired a short bumper, and then went black. After a few seconds, it segued into the pacific Adult Swim with an episode of SQUIDBILLIES.

On May 6, 2009, The N moved into slot 181 with Noggin remaining on 169.

At the end of JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW, there’s a logo for Spiffy Pictures.

On most episodes he says, “SPIFFY”, but on SPUNKY THE ALIEN, he says “SWINKY”.

And on SILLY SHOW, he sounds like a parrot squawking, “SPUNK-EIH”.

That all I have for now. Stay tuned for my next post!


Once a Road, now a Bike Path

In Madison, Wisconsin (before 2006), there used to be a road called Thornton Avenue. It had 2 railroad crossings. One used Gates and Flashers. The other used Wig-Wags. Both crossings were used by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad.

Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures of the Thornton Avenue #1 Gates and Flashers anywhere on the internet. So I just have some pictures of the crossing #2 Wig-Wags down below.



Down below is a photo of the Wig-Wags in action.

Thornton Avenue in Action

But then, in the summer of 2006, for reasons unknown, the road was narrowed, and was renamed as Yahara Parkway. The photo down below shows some photos of the new Yahara #2 crossing. The first 2 photos are showing the main path views of the crossing. The next 2 show the track views. The last one shows the relay case for the Wig-Wags.






Strangely, the Relay Case still reads South Thornton Avenue, and the rails on the crossing are still as wide as they were when the line was Thornton Avenue.

These pictures were taken in very late 2006 (December 29 to be exact), when the Yahara Parkway just opened. Unfortunately, the new crossing #1 pictures were unavailable at the time, because they were still upgrading it. Down below of the pictures of it taken on August 8, 2009.





The bridge shows that he line used to be double-tracked.

Yes, the Gates and Flashers were torn out, and replaced with crossbucks and tiny stop signs on wooden posts. The Gates and Flashers’s Relay Cases and Concrete Pads are also gone. Unlike crossing #2, the rails through the crossing are now the same width as the path.

Okay, now I’ll go back to the Wig-Wags since that’s what we like more. Down below is another photo of the Wig-Wags in action, this time as Yahara Parkway.


However, in the spring of 2010 (I think the month was April but I’m not sure), the railroad made a further upgrade to the Yahara #2 crossing….


Yes, both Wig-Wags were torn out, and replaced with crossbucks and yield signs on wooden posts. The railroad gave this crossing more adequate pathway crossing signs. Nothing signal-related remains on this pathway anymore, although the Relay Cases and Concrete Pads are still here.

In 2011, the stop signs on the crossing #1 were removed, but shortly afterward they are put back on. Down below is a photo of the train crossing through them in 2015.


Notice little “Progress” words have been written on the stop signs (maybe that’s way they were taken off).

Perhaps when I grow up, I could make a few changes to this pathway and even a few of the stuff around it (It’s too much to explain for right now, but when they’re made, you’ll see what I mean). Well, I should probably join the City of Madison before I can do that.

Well, that’s the end of this post. My next one will be in 2 weekends from now. Stay tuned!


Plymouth, Wi, and Vernon, Mi, Wig-Wags

My first post of October!

Plymouth, Wisconsin has 2 railroad crossings shown below. One is at Elizabeth Street, and the other is at Main and Milwaukee Street.



There’s an interesting story beyond these crossings. A few decades ago (before 1981), there used to be a total of 6 Wig-Wags here. The Milwaukee Road Rails owned one half of the signals and the CNW Rails owned the other half. In 1981, the Milwaukee Road Rails replaced their half of the signals with modern flashers, while the CNW Rails somewhat left their half alone.

There used to be a road called Main Street here, but was closed in 1993, and is now Milwaukee Street. The signal in the picture to the right above used to protect that part, but now it’s a pedestrian signal.


Notice that none of those signals have bells. I guess it’s kind of weird that they would leave them out. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure the bells will be added eventually.

Okay here was another Wig-Wag location: In Vernon, Michigan at Parmenter Road.


Now, this was no ordinary Wig-Wag. It’s banner had been changed out for unknown reasons, and believe it or not, it was replaced with a HIGHWAY FLASHER LIGHT! The bell ran a little faster than a normal one does. The crossbuck on the signal was installed backwards, and the small, bottom sign said “STOP ON RED SIGNAL” instead of “STOP WHEN SINGING”.

This was also rumored to be the last Wig-Wag in the state of Michigan. The other side only had a crossbuck and a stop sign on a wooden post.


Sadly, on Valentine’s Day, 2005, a grader accidentally hit this Wig-Wag while it was snowplowing through here. The Wig-Wag was too damaged to be put back into service, so the workers installed a crossbuck on a wooden post in place of it. Don’t worry, though, standard flashers replaced the 2 crossbucks and the stop sign shortly afterward.

That’s the end of this post. Stay tuned for my next one!