Tough Moment in Your Mind?

In Whitewater, there is a Sentry Foods store. Down below is an image of it. Right next to Sentry on the left, there is a Walmart store. Down below is a google maps view of it from October 2007. Then, in the summer of 2011, the Walmart was upgraded into a larger, and cheaper one that now sells foods. Down below is an image of it of September 2012. Due to the newer Walmart being more cheaper, Sentry lost a lot of money. It was in mid-October 2015 that they announced they were closing. The Sentry in Whitewater will be […]

Turn on your Noggin

Sorry, I’ would’ve written a post LAST weekend, except we had to much business to do. In 1999, a preteen network called NOGGIN launched. From 1999-2002, the channel was meant for preteens. Some programs were meant for preschoolers, however. On April 1, 2002, the format was changed, and now little children programming was shown on it ALL the time. On the same day Viacom lanced The N, a network for teenagers. At 6:00 PM ET every night, Noggin would switch to The N, but in the morning at 6 AM ET, they would switch back. It went like this for […]

Once a Road, now a Bike Path

In Madison, Wisconsin (before 2006), there used to be a road called Thornton Avenue. It had 2 railroad crossings. One used Gates and Flashers. The other used Wig-Wags. Both crossings were used by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures of the Thornton Avenue #1 Gates and Flashers anywhere on the internet. So I just have some pictures of the crossing #2 Wig-Wags down below. Down below is a photo of the Wig-Wags in action. But then, in the summer of 2006, for reasons unknown, the road was narrowed, and was renamed as Yahara Parkway. The […]

Plymouth, Wi, and Vernon, Mi, Wig-Wags

My first post of October! Plymouth, Wisconsin has 2 railroad crossings shown below. One is at Elizabeth Street, and the other is at Main and Milwaukee Street. There’s an interesting story beyond these crossings. A few decades ago (before 1981), there used to be a total of 6 Wig-Wags here. The Milwaukee Road Rails owned one half of the signals and the CNW Rails owned the other half. In 1981, the Milwaukee Road Rails replaced their half of the signals with modern flashers, while the CNW Rails somewhat left their half alone. There used to be a road called Main Street […]