Goodbye, Summer 2016

Well, now it’s finally the last day of summer vacation (for this year). This will be similar to the summer-end post from last year, but without the ZOLTAN FORTUNE TELLER features. I know, the end of summer vacation is okay, but it’s also sad, because #1) you have to wait until the next June for the next summer, and #2) you’ll have to do school and homework for several months. In the meantime, I’ll tell you about some of the major events that happened this summer. I went to Summer School from June 13 to July 8. From July 19-23, […]

Ice Age Trail

One of my last posts for Summer 2016. This will be a little bit short. There is a trail in in Wisconsin from the last Ice Age. My family has been on it a few times. Their mascot is Monty the Woolly Mammoth. That’s the end of this post. CATCH MY OTHER POSTS!

Sophia Fox And The Lewistown Wig-Wags

Another August post. I know this post’s 2 topics don’t really go together, but I like them, so I’m doing this one for you now. In Lewistown, Montana, there once stood 2 Wig-Wag signals on West Water Street. Down below is a photo of them from 2002. The line was then operated by BNSF. At the time of the photo above being taken, there had been rumors that Lewistown did not want tracks in town anymore, and thus the trains only came to Lewistown about once a week. However, in 2003, a storm washed away part of the track, and […]

You’ve Been Kilroy’ed

Well, now it’s finally the middle of August, just about half a month before school resumes. It’s a sad feeling, but I will do a few posts now before that happens. Remember those ZOLTAR SPEAKS and ZOLTAN posts from last year? And remember how I said ZOLTAR SPEAKS was located at Kilroys in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, this post’s topic will be that place. It is located in a huge brown warehouse building. In fact, I’m sure several people walk or drive past without even noticing what is there. When you get to the door, there is a small sign on […]