Depot Park Amphitheater

First of all, today is the 70th anniversary of the final Milwaukee Road passenger train stop in Whitewater. Coincidentally, this post will also consider a particular spot which has been constructed near there not the long ago… If you have ever come across an open-air venue that is used for performances, entertainment, or sports, then you have come across an amphitheater. You might have seen an amphitheater like the one shown below, at least in a photograph on the internet or in a book… Well, THOSE types of Amphitheater were constructed by ancient Romans. They are oval-shaped and have seating […]

Citgo to Casey’s

You remember how two posts ago, I considered how business are able to go through name and owner change? Well, I will consider just another situation like that in THIS post as well… Until just a couple years ago, there were two Citgo fuel stations in my community (similar to the future two Kwik Trips). One was located on Main street, just across the road from Wal-Mart. The other was also on Main street, but on the inverse side of town, not far at all from the elementary school which I attended. The convenience stores and fuel were both fine. […]

Dollar Post

Of course, a type of business can exit a community as one store, but it is not impossible it to return is another, depending on how the conditions for it are then. And yes, I will consider that for this post, with an example, like with my previous one. Remember that Dollar Tree store I considered years ago that got replaced with an anytime fitness? Well, a similar department will be opening to the left of the first Whitewater Kwik Trip. Only that will not be another Dollar Tree or a Family Dollar, but a Dollar General. I went into […]

Motor or Sooner

There is such thing as business having their owners replaced, as well as somethings having their names changed in the process. Well I am aware of an example in my community, plus I will share that with you in this post. Zingg Motors in Whitewater, Wisconsin was first founded in 1990. Eventually, it received two locations in the community, both of which were on either side of the current True Value location. The Zingg Motors on the left of True Value sold automobiles from Pontiac, Buick, as well as GMC. While the one one the right of it sold Chrysler, […]