How To Thrillax You Mates

2 posts on the same day! How cool is that? In downtown Whitewater, there used to be a rock climbing gym at 138 West Main Street, which is now part of Jessica’s restaurants. It opened as RockSport in 2003. The gym name was later changed to Wall Crawlers. The gym’s rock wall colors were pretty unusual: there was a little kid wall that was tan and had a ball pit; and there was a big rock wall that was a gray-green color, although it was more greenish. Also, there was a royal wedding celebration at a children’s art place in 2011. One […]

2 Sea Stories I Made Up But Sound True

Hello. Sorry I haven’t done any proper posts since August, but my plans have been too busy to do so. Anyway, for this post, I will text 2 sea stories I made up in my head, and both of them take place in New Zealand. Due to me making them up, there will be no pictures. 1. In late August 2007, a group of New Zealand scientists went tiger shark diving. They held baits and the tiger sharks came by after a while, and they made it into a movie. While there, they also filmed a gliding stingray but they […]