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Lover Songs Unleashed

Well, now it’s August again, but believe it or not, my school year does not start until September 5, meaning summer will not end at the end of August, so I will probably actually upload my summer-end during September 4. It’s hard to believe I’ll be in high school in one month from now….

Well, this post was pasted two years ago, so you may not remember it, but I did one in August 2015 that features many duet love songs.

In THIS post, several of those songs from that post will be listed, though not with their videos. The songs that are NOT from that post WILL have their videos.

First thing first, you may have heard of Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle’s “A WHOLE NEW WORLD” song from Disney’s ALADDIN.

Peabo and Regina recorded three others songs together: “WITHOUT YOU”, “I CAN’T IMAGINE”, and TOTAL PRAISE”.

A year earlier, Peabo had recorded with Celine Dion, “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”.

James Ingram and Linda Ronstant sang “SOMEWHERE OUT THERE” in the late 1980’s, though there was a rumor that Celine and Peabo sung it.

Okay, and now for the NEW love songs on my website:

In 1980, the duo group England Dan and John Ford Coley performed, “JUST TELL ME YOU LOVE ME”.

Finally the last song for this post is, “UNCHAINED MELODY”. Down below are two versions of the song, sung by the Righteous Brothers and Barry Manilow. With the “UNCHAINED MELODY” title, you’re probably not quite understanding why this song is so romantic. Well, all you have to do is listen to the two videos below and you will know why.

If you are lucky, you JUST MIGHT hear one of the love songs on my website while you are out on a drive!

Well, at least you have heard the love songs with videos in this post, but for this post’s love songs without videos, they have them in that post from August 2015. Go back to that post if you want to hear (or remember) what those songs sound like, but the videos in this post sound like a lifetime, don’t they?

This post is now finished.


The Disney Semi-Quotes

My first post of September! It’s hard to believe that now I’m in 7th grade and that next year I’ll be 13 years old. Also, due to class throughout most of the week days, for now I’ll do posts ONLY on the weekends.

First, here are some summarized Lilo and Stitch trailers:

Beauty and the Beast: Belle and Beast begin their ballroom dance sequence as normal. But the the camera pans to the angels on the ceiling, Stitch is seen crawling across the painting. Watching Belle and Beast, he crawls onto the chandelier, which breaks and falls. Beast notices, dives, and pulls Belle with him out of the harm’s way while the chandelier smashes on the ballroom floor behind them. The moment ruined, Belle announces she will head up to her room. As she departs, Stitch wolf whistles after her, to which she replies indignantly, “Get your own movie!”

The Little Mermaid: Ariel is sitting on a rock and singing the reprise of “Part of Your World”, when suddenly, a huge wave (which is being ridden by Stitch on a surfboard) runs up and dumps on her, causing her to dump off the rock. As the wave settles, Ariel pops up and throughs a starfish at Stitch, saying “I was singing here!”

Aladdin: Aladdin and Jasmine are singing “A Whole New World” (in which Jasmine is singing her first part), but then then are interrupted by stitch flying in his red cruiser. Stitch flirts with Jasmine, and then Jasmine accidentally gets onto the cruiser, and the cruiser drives off, leaving Aladdin sitting alone on the magic carpet, in which he yells at Stitch to “Get your own movie!”

The Lion King: There are two different versions of this commercial. In one of them, clips of past disney classics are shown (Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Bambi, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin to be exact). During the past shown clips, an off-screen voice over says, “For over 70 years, the Walt Disney studios has won the hearts of audiences with the most enchanting, delightful, and lovable characters the world had ever known. On June 21st, the tradition….”, and then is suddenly cut off as Rafiki thrusts Stitch into the air in the manner of the presentation ceremony of the original film. The animals then halt still with confusion. A young, hairless warthog (who is not Pumbaa) cries out “Hey, that’s not Simba!”, and Rafiki notices. All the animals get scared and flee, leaving Stitch sitting alone on Pride Rock. Stitch clears his throat and roars unconvincingly. In the other commercial, the song “Circle of Life” plays, but is coming to an end. Rafiki then raises Stitch into the air on the last note. The rest of the parody plays out mostly like the previous one, except that in this commercial, Timon (who is sitting on Pumbaa’s back) is the one who yells, “Hey, that’s not Simba!”

I even posted a video onto this post that has all 5 commercials. It is right down below.

Okay, here’s the next thing:

One of the “A Whole New World” covers is by Peter Andre and Katie Price, and believe it or not, they’re from ENGLAND, not America.

Down below is the lyric video of the song. Yes, I know, it would have been cooler if there was a live action video, but I wanted to get the lyrics on in case any of you guys wanted to record it in the future.

Peter and Katie were actually married at the time this was recorded, just like Aladdin and Jasmine are now. BUT…. they divorced in 2009. It’s difficult to imagine such a great-sounding duet no longer married.

But I like these two. They actually made “A Whole New World” an album, not just one single. Look the album’s songs up on the internet if you want to hear them. But, if you listen to Peter and Katie singing in the album, and you hear them speaking on their TV show, “Katie and Peter”, you will hear a BIG difference on how their voices sound.

In my last post, I said that I will one day record the 4-minute single cover with my wife. Well, we’ve got many years before we can do that.

Okay, here’s the 3rd thing:

In the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse christmas episode, “Mickey Saves Santa”, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck must follow Mrs. Claus to MissleToe Mountain in order to rescue her husband. They take the ToonPlane. On the way, they use a headlight to spot Professor Von Drake and they manage to get out of his way. Unfortunately, Donald loses his christmas list and the plane runs out of gas. The plane lands safely at the North Pole.

While they are riding the plane, Donald wears a pilot’s cap and red-orange scarf. Mickey wears goggles and a green scarf. Unlike Donald (who has his goggles up for the whole time), Mickey’s eyes are covered by his goggles.

Mickey’s goggles are already down when he is first shown wearing his pilot gear. It isn’t until that the plane has landed and that they are looking for MissleToe Mountain that Mickey doffs his goggles up onto his forehead.

I even added a video of the episode (along with some others) down below. The scenes with the plane stuff are at 5:06-8:35, and the scene were Mickey doffs his goggles is at 8:22.

Okay, here’s the last thing:

In January of this year, several of the 8th graders went on a trip to the Walt Disney and Seaworld resorts in Orlando. Perhaps when I’M in 8th grade, I could go to those resorts, too!

But what if I don’t? Well, then you’d probably guess we could go on a family vacation there. But for now, this is unlikely since my family’s just not into traveling to big, huge, and packed resorts these days. But you never know.

That’s the end of this post, and I’ll write again next weekend (hopefully).


All of the Singing-Love Duets had one too many….

First things first, I have some love songs in this post. And ALL of them are sung by duets.

First song is way back from 1984, and its called “HOLD YOU” by Teddy Pendergrass and Whitney Houston.

Sadly, Teddy Pendergrass died on January 13, 2010, and Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012. No other songs were recorded by this duet.

A Disney duet song is “A WHOLE NEW WORLD” (from the movie ALADDIN in 1992) by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, who are both sill alive today.



At least 3 other songs were recorded by this duet, “WITHOUT YOU (in 1987)”, “I CAN’T IMAGINE (in 1991)”, and “TOTAL PRAISE (in 2009)”. “WITHOUT YOU” and “I CAN’T IMAGINE” are shown below.

Another Disney duet song with Peabo Bryson is “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” (from the movie of the same name in 1991) with Celine Dion. And yes, Celine Dion is still alive today, too.


In case you wondering if any other songs were recorded by this duet, you’d probably believe “SOMEWHERE OUT THERE (in 1986)”, was one of them.

But that’s incorrect. Who REALLY sung this was the duet James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt (who are both still living (Linda Ronstadt has ended her career, however)). To date, there have been no other songs recorded by Peabo and Celine, and also to date I don’t see any plans for that to happen, but you never know.

Well anyway, this guy named Peter Cetera (who is also still living) has recorded many love duets. One of them was with Crystal Bernard (who is also still living) called “FOREVER TONIGHT (in 1995)”.


Another one of them was with Agnetha Faltskog (who is also still living) called “I WANSN’T THE ONE (WHO SAID GOODBYE) (in 1987)”.


The final duet love song video in the post is “LOVE OF ALL TIME (in 2012)” by Shakatak (who are all still living). Shakatak is actually a band of 4, not just one man and one woman.

Shakatak, like I told you, is a band, so of course they’ve made other songs.

That’s it for the love duet post, and I’ll be catching you soon with some more posts and updates.