Shore Vision

We have ALL taken a vacation in our lives. Plus, suppose you have visited a beach a number of times in the past (I am certain you presumably have). However, fewer people might think of THESE details…

A Darkened Sky Park…Twice

Have you ever headed out for a stargazing trip? Whether it was a solo trip, or with your family or anyone else you know at all? Well, my father and I have done so, twice, not too long ago, even if the skies were not that great for it both times… Ellison Bay, Wisconsin is located further up past the city of Green Bay, near the tip of Wisconsin’s northeast pointing strip (if you are not aware of what I mean, I fairly simply suggest peaking at the state on a there map or it as a clipart image). In […]

Joco Post

My older brother Aidan is currently 33, and he and his fiancée Lucy will be having their wedding ceremony within half a year. The two have been dating for the past 4 years. Actually, the two officially became a couple at home a mouth back since they preferred to sooner, though they still will have their ceremony in March in order to celebrate it with friends and family. While I have no sisters, Lucy, as well as her two sisters, are my first sisters-in-law. Where Aidan and Lucy’s wedding ceremony will occur is actually on the Joco Cruise 2022. It […]

Road Minor Keys

Suppose someone has this simple question in mind: “What are a certain number of things involving road trips that few do actually realize?” Well, first things first, correct? Regardless of what type of road or highway you are currently on, it will depend on the nearest or furthest destinations there are…to be more specific, what destinations are the correct enough distance for you, as well as the correct opportunities for the route there as well as back. I.e, If you would prefer to head out for a drive yet dinner is in approximately an hour, you would presumably dive to […]

The Ingleside Post

I really apologize for doing this post on a Tuesday rather than the weekend, it is only I ended up getting spaced off, as well as the fact that it was rather tardy when I thought of doing the posts. I was also out rather a bit on Sunday, first with Dad for a drive up to Cambridge for shopping, then up to Deerfield and back, as well as a walk later on. I did insert this post’s title on Saturday, however, prior to me unintentionally doing it with ANOTHER (this one) post. I began working on this post further […]

The Tiny Planets Hour

Posts two saturdays in a row! I admired several shows on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) when I was little. One of them was this 3D-animated show called TINY PLANETS (some people call it Bing and Bong). The show is produced by Sesame Workshop and Pepper’s Ghost Productions. I must say that this is one of the most unusual children’s shows ever. In this show, there is this place called the Home Planet… Here, in the Crystal Cave, live two white, furry aliens names Bing and Bong. The larger one is Bing, and the smaller one is Bong. Every day, Bing […]

10 Events That Should Have Happened But Never Did

I’m the kind of guy who prefers things when they’re completed. I know sometimes, something that is planned to happen gets announced, but ends up getting folded. Also, I feel like some things just aren’t making it through. For this post, I will talk about 10 events, beings, and places that should have went to their places or should have been completed, though they never did so. These 10 events will be from both TV and real life. #1: ALF’S DEPARTURE FROM EARTH IN THE “CONSIDER ME GONE” EPISODE ALF, as we know, stood for Alien Life Form. We also […]

The Summer Of 2017 Concludes

Well, this is my last day of summer vacation for this year. Here are some of the things I did during it: In July, my parents, big brother Jacob and I went on a Metra train to Chicago and back. We went to Shedd Aquarium. And in August, we went to Illinois to see Lincoln’s Tomb and to Missouri to see the solar eclipse. Tomorrow is my first day of real high school. CATCH MY OTHER POSTS!

Ice Age Trail

One of my last posts for Summer 2016. This will be a little bit short. There is a trail in in Wisconsin from the last Ice Age. My family has been on it a few times. Their mascot is Monty the Woolly Mammoth. That’s the end of this post. CATCH MY OTHER POSTS!

You’ve Been Kilroy’ed

Well, now it’s finally the middle of August, just about half a month before school resumes. It’s a sad feeling, but I will do a few posts now before that happens. Remember those ZOLTAR SPEAKS and ZOLTAN posts from last year? And remember how I said ZOLTAR SPEAKS was located at Kilroys in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, this post’s topic will be that place. It is located in a huge brown warehouse building. In fact, I’m sure several people walk or drive past without even noticing what is there. When you get to the door, there is a small sign on […]