Automobile Tale

Suppose your family has owned different automobiles through the years. In my family’s case, while we owned three cars from the time of my birth, for nearly the past decade and a half we have currently owned just two at a time. A couple of those three cars were both Chevrolet Blazers, just painted in different color schemes, one with sunset gold, the other with green. The final was a black Saturn SL2. Sadly, we first lost the green Blazer in the early summer of 2007, when it simply became too old and no longer worked. The same thing occurred […]

Community Scene Perspective

For the community you reside in, you would indeed be aware of its scenery. Just consider pausing and viewing how it appears, however; it will depend on what portion of the community it is, as well as the age and type of those buildings. For instance, the downtown area of Whitewater contains buildings from the later portion of the 19th century… Also on Business Highway 12 in western Whitewater would be the more modern businesses and restaurants, as well as a few senior apartments, Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, a couple hotels, plus Hawk Bowl (with apartments on the inverse side […]

Joco Post

My older brother Aidan is currently 33, and he and his fiancée Lucy will be having their wedding ceremony within half a year. The two have been dating for the past 4 years. Actually, the two officially became a couple at home a mouth back since they preferred to sooner, though they still will have their ceremony in March in order to celebrate it with friends and family. While I have no sisters, Lucy, as well as her two sisters, are my first sisters-in-law. Where Aidan and Lucy’s wedding ceremony will occur is actually on the Joco Cruise 2022. It […]