Double Dollar Stores

Well, I may have talked about how a Dollar Tree used to be in Whitewater in an older post, but NOW, here is some news…the chain is returning to the community soon enough! That is right, a second Dollar Tree (although not in the same location as the one that used to be in the plaza mall years ago) is being opened soon enough.

Just When it Appears That All Hope is Lost..

Well, today is my Aunt Sue’s 65th birthday, so happy birthday to her, and congrats on making it six and a half decades! Anyway, you might not remember this, but over half a decade ago, I chatted about how resort hotel chain Kalahari had already opened locations in Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, Ohio, as well as Ponoco Mountains, Pennsylvania, but its originally planned location in Fredericksburg, Virginia was still in question. Well, I have been looking this up a lot more recently, and I can tell you that status of Kalahari Resorts in Virginia now… Well, I am definitely sorry to […]

You Bet Your UWW Life

Now, I am certain that you have gone to, or are going to in the future, college. Since that is the case with the one who has been typing on this post now… I am currently taking college online. That college is Bellevue College…which is in the state of Washington, over 1,800 miles from where my parents and I reside. The reason for that is a few years ago, we had been thinking moving moving to the area where Aidan and Lucy live.

Where a Mall Could Make a Comeback

Well, you may have heard of a problem nowadays: shopping malls have been struggling and losing stores. However, while it is true that a fair amount of them having been dying, I know one which has refused to shut down just yet.

A Community Center’s Understanding…

You might have stepped in your OWN town hall at some point in your life, although have you ever been in any others than your own? Suppose they have had the community center hand something the one in your community did not, or the other way around?

CNW – The Railroad May be Gone, but 1385 & 175 are Steaming Back to Life

Have you ever been familiar with a certain type of steam locomotive? Have you ever seen more than one steam locomotive type in general? Well, I will bet fewer people have ever seen two of the same type of steam engine operating nowadays. You may not be being these two operating together anytime soon, but two steam locomotives of the same type are currently being restored to operating condition in different parts of the Midwest… Now, one of these restorations takes place at the Mid-Continent

On a Road to Be Ever Grand!

I will just bet that you have heard the statement, “better than ever.” It may be like that with certain places or food being served, you know! In this post, I will discuss that about a certain museum in Illinois, and the largest one of its type in the nation…