Shore Vision

We have ALL taken a vacation in our lives. Plus, suppose you have visited a beach a number of times in the past (I am certain you presumably have). However, fewer people might think of THESE details…

Bowling Up Buildings

Yeah, in earlier posts, I have considered how building have gotten demolished and replaced with newer tenant ones. However, in THIS post, I will consider TWO such events occurring. First things first, you have heard of Starbucks Coffee, right? How about the grocer chain Aldi? Well, neither of them are now leaving Whitewater. In, fact it is the polar opposite; both of them are currently, to have replaced older Whitewater buildings. Actually the Aldi’s is to replace a building that once houses an apartment area AND a bowling alley (one which I mentioned in an earlier post)… …yes, the Hawk […]

House Area Vision

Now, we are ALL aware of what are surroundings are…and if you live somewhere, then you simply can say that with the surroundings of your home! Although, we are also aware that areas with houses are not all alike Though, we have been aware that houses are not all al perhaps have not paid attention to that as much as the fact that house are simply not all alike.

A Departing Off The Old Block

Well, this actually was posted 8 years ago, so you perhaps do not remember it, but in an old post of mine, I considered the Calvary Lutheran Church getting replaced with an apartment building named The Element. THIS one will consider a very similar situation that actually occurred on the same street, but at a corner. Now, what actually got replaced with an apartment building HERE was a former funeral home. It was first built as an Italianate house in 1873 (this year would have been its 150th anniversary). Well, that building actually had a Then, one day in September […]

A Darkened Sky Park…Twice

Have you ever headed out for a stargazing trip? Whether it was a solo trip, or with your family or anyone else you know at all? Well, my father and I have done so, twice, not too long ago, even if the skies were not that great for it both times… Ellison Bay, Wisconsin is located further up past the city of Green Bay, near the tip of Wisconsin’s northeast pointing strip (if you are not aware of what I mean, I fairly simply suggest peaking at the state on a there map or it as a clipart image). In […]

Better Lake Than Never

First things first, I have just been into separate internet thins once more as I had been when I typed up my 10th Anniversary, and I am just continuing fresh from here now. So yeah, I largely apologize for all of that as well, but, I truly will get going on weekly posts each weekend again from here on out, so Hakuna Matata. Anyway, remember that “Lake or Marsh” post I typed up nearly two years ago? Well, unfortunately, the lakes now have only PARTIALLY returned to how they initially were. Just how that is so? Well, I would be […]

A Whole New Home…For Water Storage

I apologize if I have not been filling my blog recently, it is just I have been into other things on the internet again. Although yeah, this post will consider a major change for the community which I reside in… Now, we have ALL seen the water tower in our own communities, and ones in other communities as well. The main, more modern one in MY community in Whitewater Is located just down across the road from my old babysitter Chu’s first house, and is light blue and has a of the Whitewater train depot on it. Though, there is […]

Depot Park Amphitheater

First of all, today is the 70th anniversary of the final Milwaukee Road passenger train stop in Whitewater. Coincidentally, this post will also consider a particular spot which has been constructed near there not the long ago… If you have ever come across an open-air venue that is used for performances, entertainment, or sports, then you have come across an amphitheater. You might have seen an amphitheater like the one shown below, at least in a photograph on the internet or in a book… Well, THOSE types of Amphitheater were constructed by ancient Romans. They are oval-shaped and have seating […]