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10 Events That Should Have Happened But Never Did

I’m the kind of guy who prefers things when they’re completed. I know sometimes, something that is planned to happen gets announced, but ends up getting folded. Also, I feel like some things just aren’t making it through. For this post, I will talk about 10 events, beings, and places that should have went to their places or should have been completed, though they never did so. These 10 events will be from both TV and real life.


ALF, as we know, stood for Alien Life Form. We also know that his show premiered on NBC in 1986, when he crash-landed on Earth when his planet, Melmac exploded, and he landed where the Tanner family lived. The final episode of the show called “CONSIDER ME GONE” aired on March 24, 1990. During the episode, ALF gets a message from his alien friends, Skip and Rhonda, saying that the Melmacians have been planning to make their new homes on a New Melmac planet, and ALF agrees to go with them. During the night, Tanner family drops him off, and then Skip and Rhonda’s spaceship comes. But just as the spaceship gets closer, the Alien Task Force arrives on the scene, and then the spaceship flies away! The Alien Task Force captures ALF. Despite the “TO BE CONTINUED” message at the end of the episode, the network would not allow any more episodes to resolve this, but ABC aired a special called “PROJECT: ALF”, in 1996. There, contrary to the Tanner’s worries, ALF was doing just fine in captivity, until the Alien Task Force president ordered him to be executed. Luckily, his plan failed and he was arrested. Then, ALF finally gets released from captivity, but then, something else occurs: he is declared Earth’s intergalactic ambassador, so he was then to represent the planet. Who thought making ALF Earth’s ambassador when he was trying to go to his new home was a good idea? I’m okay if your opinion is different, but I prefer extraterrestrials when they’re on THEIR planets, not on Earth.


The Kalahari resorts as we know are some of America’s largest water parks. The Fredericksburg, Virginia location of Kalahari was announced in late 2007. Kalahari currently has locations in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Sandusky, Ohio, and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, and another location is coming to Round Rock, Texas. What kind of sucks is that Fredericksburg isn’t a real resort town like Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, and Pocono Mountains. Anyway, Kalahari president Todd Nelson said they had found a great location for it. The Fredericksburg location was to be located along the Interstate 95 and was to be larger than the Wisconsin Dells and Sandusky locations. This location was announced for groundbreaking in 2008, and for opening in late 2009. However, with lack of funding, they project was delayed. The Fredericksburg people said they had been looking forward to the resort. Currently, this location of Kalahari could have been a dead project, or at least one that’s on hold. Without Kalahari, I’m sure many attraction enthusiasts will have no reason to go to Fredericksburg (unless they need to pass through it to get to other places).


The Seattle SuperSonics of Seattle, Washington were an NBA team formed in 1967. They introduced a brown, furry mascot named Squatch in 1993. In the 2000’s, their old arena, KeyArena, was the smallest one in the NBA. Also, with heavy losses, a decision was made to get the team a new arena with Howard Schultz, a CEO for Starbucks Coffee Cooperation. After failing to get a new arena in the Seattle area, the team was sold to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2006. When the team finally moved in Oklahoma City in 2008, they got a complete makeover, and they formed the Oklahoma City Thunder. Squatch must have been heartbroken when his team folded.


The Soo Line 2719 steam locomotive was built in May of 1923, and it ran until its 1959 retirement. It was then displayed in Eau Claire, Wisconsin until 1996, when a restoration for it began. It then returned to service in 1998. Then, in 2013, its 15-year boiler operations were to have expired in the summer, but it went further, as late as September. It was said to have gotten its 15-year overhaul afterward, but for some reason, it was soon loaned to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum for display instead. Though the 2719 has an unknown future, if it DID get that overhaul in the first place, it could have been back in service by now.


The Wisconsin Badgers had made to the NCAA Final Four in 2014, where they played the Kentucky Wildcats, though Kentucky won that game by just one point. Afterward, they made a goal to make their first national championship since 1941. The next year, they made it to the Final Four again, where they faced Kentucky again. But this time, Kentucky was then undefeated, but Wisconsin won, 71-64. Then, the Badgers faced the Duke Blue Devils in the national championship game. Wisconsin and Duke had already met earlier that season in December, but Duke won 80-70. Duke had already won 4 national championships. At one point in the second half, Wisconsin had a 9-point lead, but after Duke took a time-out, they managed to make a comeback, and within the last 5 and a half minutes, they took the lead for the first time in the second half. The Blue Devils ended up winning 68-63. Badger assistant coach Greg Gard said that the Badgers knew they were going to win. With all that I said above, it would have been more fair if WISCONSIN won that game, wouldn’t it?


When this road was constructed in 2004, it was originally going to be made for houses, but as beyond where it stops isn’t so great, the rest of the construction was cancelled. It stops in a cornfield, but it is used for dog walks. I’m sure the last thing this road needs is to permanently stay like this. I’m trying to imagine where there are other “road to nowheres” like this in the world?

#7: SPIDERMAN 4 (2011)

Development for this film began in 2008. This Spiderman franchise had a first film in 2002, a second film in 2004, and a third film in 2007. Sony also gave this film a release date of May 5, 2011. The Green Goblin was the villain for the first film, Doctor Octopus was the villain for the second film, and the New Goblin, Venom, and Sandman were the villains for the third film. The Lizard and a few others where going to be this film’s villains. But with so many issues during 2009, the film was cancelled in January 2010. However, here’s one good thing about the film’s cancellation: it lead to the creation of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN film of 2012.


MAC stands for Mysterious Alien Creature. The film MAC was in is called MAC AND ME, which was released in August of 1988. In the film, an NASA spacecraft comes to MAC’s planet, and he and his family get sucked in the spacecraft before it makes its way back to Earth. But MAC and his family have an amazing power: they can destroy or heal anything they touch! They use their powers to get rid of all the people who are attacking them. MAC’s family gets stranded in the desert, will MAC himself gets into a car with the Cruise family moving from Illinois to California. Their youngest son, Eric, who is in a wheelchair, befriends MAC. Together, they find MAC’s family in an abandoned mine. When Eric is killed in a crossfire explosion, MAC and his family use their powers to bring him back to life. The final scene shows MAC and his family riding in a car, along with the kids who helped them. When they are driving, a bubblegum message shows up, that reads “WE’LL BE BACK!”, but then it pops as they are going under a highway bridge. However, with so many box office returns and negative reviews, the sequel for this film was then cancelled. The reason I’m putting this in my post is because of that “WE’LL BE BACK!” message. I guess now because the sequel was cancelled, this is now a bit of a cliffhanger movie.


The Warner Bros. Studio Stores were a chain of shops where you could buy figures and items with Warner Bros. features. The first Warner Bros. Studio Store opened in 1991. In 1993, the chain pulled into 5th Ave. and 57 St. in New York City, as well as one in Times Square in 1998. The 5th ave. store expanded with 6 higher floors in 1996. This chain also came into malls, as well as a few locations in Chicago. The WB Studio Stores proved very successful in their early years, but they said their sales in their later years were disappointing. In January of 2000, a plan was announced to have Time Warner and America Online merge. Under the new agreement, they said the chain would have to look there a new owner that sold anything WB-related, and they warned that if they didn’t, they would shut the stores. The following year, after failing to find the chain a new owner, all WB Studio Stores went out of business for good.


In POKEMON episode 25, “PRIMEAPE GOES BANANAS”, a wild Mankey appears. Team Rocket then makes Mankey angry, and it evolves into a Primeape. After a lot of encouragement, Ash and his Charmander work together to finally capture Primeape. Four episodes later, in “THE PUNCHY POKEMON”, Primeape begins to listen to Ash’s commands on the P-1 fighting tournament, and they eventually win the tournament and they championship belt. Just then, a man named Anthony who was also in the tournament offers to train Primeape for a while to have it become a true P-1 champion. Ash agrees, and leaves Primeape with a tearful goodbye. So far, Primeape is the only Pokemon left for training that has not be reunited with Ash. Also, giving a Pokemon that you caught not so long ago, that has just start listening to you, and has just won a tournament for training for so long has to be one of the saddest things in the anime. The Pokemon Wiki even said that this Primeape is now Anthony’s. But this anime as we know it is still in production, and you never know what might just turn up.

This post is now through. This is how these things are for now, but who knows what could happen in the future!


8 Pokemon Battles That Should Have Been The Other Way

My only post of June. Now, we all know it’s pretty nice to watch Pokemon battles on TV, but we should usually should keep another thing in mind-we also need to root for who we want to win. Sometimes, however, the competitor of yours wins, which is disappointing. Down below are eight examples.


Ash, Misty, and Brock were battling with a bike gang. Misty decided to use her Starmie, but her Psyduck had popped out instead. Once Psyduck and Cloyster started battling, the entire bike gang started laughing at the dopey Psyduck. Psyduck fought a crazy but tough battle with Tyra’s Cloyster, and then Cloyster caught Psyduck’s tail. “Looks like this battle’s over!” Tyra said. Misty was just about to through a bike on Psyduck’s head so it could use its Confusion attack, but before she could, Team Rocked showed up and said their motto. Misty SHOULD have thrown the bike on Psyduck’s head so it could use that attack. Or Psyduck could have done the same if Cloyster caught Psyduck on the head rather than the tail. It would have been pretty interesting to see Psyduck beat Cloyster with a powerful Confusion attack and see the bike gang get amazed at Psyduck’s power after all.


Scizor had easily defeated Gliscor at first. Gliscor would hardly do anything afterward. Gliscor had well improved and was far more strong for Scizor, but Scizor still won. For the second battle, if Gliscor had the upper hand, and it had learned a new strong move, IT should have won, don’t you think?


Trinity selected Chinchou for her second pokemon. Corsola had been a good battler for Misty during the tournament. However, Corsola should have dodged Chinchou’s confuse ray, recovered, won. When Misty told Corsola to recover, it was too confused to respond. Misty’s loss meant she was out of the tournament.


For real, Meowth and Pikachu had a good fight. But at the end, MEOWTH should have been the one who got too exhausted and fainted.


When Ash and Richie battled in this round, Ash called out Charizard. It obeyed against Zeppo, but refused to battle against Sparky. Chaizard should have been obedient the WHOLE time, and should have defeated ALL of Richie’s pokemon.


Paul as we know is some rival of Ash. It’s interesting to see both trainers use their recognizable Sinnoh pokemon during this battle, and seeing Chimchar evolve into Monferno. However, Paul eventually wins (the winner should have actually been Ash). Also, Grotle should have defeated Honchkrow since Grotle had evolved during the previous battle.


If anyone had to pick their favorite of Ash’s pokemon, I’ll bet several would pick Charizard. One of its recognizable battles is the Blaziken one. Now, after a devastating Seismic Toss, the referee had just said “Blaziken is unable to battle!” when Blaziken got back up! Eventually, Charizard tried to use Flamethrower, but that only made HIM unable to battle, kicking Ash out of the tournament. Now, Charizard should have actually defeated Blaziken with a powerful Seismic Toss attack. On the other hand, BLAZIKEN should have been the one who used Flamethrower and fainted. Charizard had performed quite well in its last few battles (against Dragonair, Scizor, Golem, and Blastoise). But from this battle and the next few (against Articuno and Dusclops), it seemed something went wrong with Charizard as it only won the Articuno battle (though it struggled).


In this conference, Ash has never gotten this far! But Mega Charizard X beat Ash-Greninja. If Ash-Greninja had beaten Mega Charizard X, Ash would have gotten his very first conference win!

Well, this post is finally finished. I’ll do more during July and August. Maybe I’ll do two on the same day again!


Will the Wisconsin Badgers be the national basketball champions anytime soon?

My first post of March!

The Wisconsin Badgers are a college basketball team based on Madison, Wisconsin.


In their 2013-2014 season, they played so well that they made it to the Final Four.

In the semifinal game, on April 5, 2014, the Badgers played against the Kentucky Wildcats. The Badgers did good in that game, and had the lead at halftime. Unfortunately, Kentucky would win by just 1 point, the the final score of 74-73.

Kentucky went to the national championship game vs the Connecticut Huskies. Unfortunately, Kentucky would lose 60-54.

Next season, the Badgers played better and again made it to the Final Four. They would again face Kentucky on April 4, 2015. But here was the problem: Kentucky was doing super well and was then undefeated. So the Badgers would have to play their very best.

Both teams did super well in that game. Luckily, Wisconsin would win 71-64.

So Wisconsin made it to the national championship, against the Duke Blue Devils. This was Wisconsin’s 1st national championship game since 1941. The Badgers defeated the Washington State Cougars 39-34 in the 1941 championship game.

And so, on April 6, 2015, Wisconsin and Duke played in the championship game. Since Duke lost more games than Wisconsin, and Wisconsin had defeated so many mighty teams, it looked like Wisconsin could have that game in the bag. Both teams performed quite well for the 1st half. At one point in the 2nd half, Wisconsin was up 48-39, which is a 9-point lead, so it looked like the Badgers WOULD win the game. Unfortunately, the Blue Devils would make a comeback in the later part of the 2nd half, and within the last 5 minutes, Duke took the lead for the 1st time in the second half, and the Blue Devils would end up winning 68-63.

See what I mean? Now I bet many Badger fans were shocked when the Badgers lost the game as they were so good.

I bet many Badger fans are wondering when they will ever win a national championship game. It could be this season, or next season, or the season after that, or the season after that, etc.! Now for this Badger season, this did not go well for the 1st part, but luckily now they are doing much better and hove won many of their last several games.

OKAY, now here’s the deal: now the Wisconsin Badgers have PLAYED a national championship game since 1941, but they’ve never actually WON a national championship game since 1941. For this year, the Final Four will be on April 2, and the national championship will be on April 4.

So remember-the next time Wisconsin plays in a national championship game, forget the other team! Wisconsin’s the team WE’RE talking about!

Well, this post is finished. Again, don’t forget to root for the WISCONSIN BADGERS in their next several games!


Bucks to Badgers

My first and only post of February:

A basketball team is the Milwaukee Bucks.


Another team is the Wisconsin Badgers.


They both are near me. I like them.

That’s the end of this post.