Zoltan (with bonus summer and future talks)

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for-the ZOLTAN fortune-teller’s post. The video down below talks about ZOLTAN. I used this video in my last post, and it recycled for this post as well. Now, although the video above tells you pretty much about the machine, here’s the story about it: This fortune-teller was built way back from 1969. In this machine, Zoltan wears an orange and yellow hat with orange and blue flaps through the sides. On the top of the hat there is a yellow circle with a smaller, red circle in the middle. He wears red, long-sleeved shirt with yellow sleeve-ends […]

ZOLTAR and ZOLTAN….Alike or Different?

ZOLTAR SPEAKS is wishing (or fortune-telling) machine form Tom Hank’s 1988 film “BIG”. Here it inserts a quarter, or 25 cents, into it, aims the ramp at Zoltar’s mouth, makes a wish, presses a red button to release the coin, throws the coin in Zoltar’s mouth, and tosses out a card that says, “YOUR WISH IS GRANTED”. This version of ZOLTAR SPEAKS is very rare. Another fortune-telling machine is ZOLTAN way back 1969, which was NOT in the movie. Here it inserts a dime, or 10 cents, picks up a telephone, presses a button on the bottom scale, lights up the […]

Zoltar Speaks

In Tom Hanks’s 1988 movie BIG, as you probably know, there is a fortune teller machine named ZOLTAR SPEAKS. ZOLTAR Speaks is a machine that grants your wish for a quarter by getting the coin into Zoltar’s mouth through a ramp, and he makes breathing noises. And yes, I have heard there a series of ZOLTAR FORTUNE-TELLER machines, but in my opinion, they look nothing like the one in the film.     Plus, they don’t even grant a wish at all. They just speak and tell your fortune through a crystal ball. Also, there is another fortune-telling machine way back […]