Speeding Up a Zephyr

Well, you remember that post I put up about CNW team meninges 175 and 1385 both being restored? Trains which are not steam locomotives can be restored as well, you know!

CNW – The Railroad May be Gone, but 1385 & 175 are Steaming Back to Life

Have you ever been familiar with a certain type of steam locomotive? Have you ever seen more than one steam locomotive type in general? Well, I will bet fewer people have ever seen two of the same type of steam engine operating nowadays. You may not be being these two operating together anytime soon, but two steam locomotives of the same type are currently being restored to operating condition in different parts of the Midwest… Now, one of these restorations takes place at the Mid-Continent

On a Road to Be Ever Grand!

I will just bet that you have heard the statement, “better than ever.” It may be like that with certain places or food being served, you know! In this post, I will discuss that about a certain museum in Illinois, and the largest one of its type in the nation…

Once in a Rail Time

First of all, I greatly apologize for less than doing a post in 3 years, it was only I ended up doing other stuff in that matter of time. I was initially planning doing a post each weekend by the beginning of 2019, as well as a couple of times afterward as well, however those were missed for that reason as well, so I greatly apologize for that as well. Anyway, the previous summer vacation, Mom and I were planning on getting a witness of a Wisconsin and Southern fright train from over neath this bridge by Washington Elementary School […]

10 Events That Should Have Happened But Never Did

I’m the kind of guy who prefers things when they’re completed. I know sometimes, something that is planned to happen gets announced, but ends up getting folded. Also, I feel like some things just aren’t making it through. For this post, I will talk about 10 events, beings, and places that should have went to their places or should have been completed, though they never did so. These 10 events will be from both TV and real life. #1: ALF’S DEPARTURE FROM EARTH IN THE “CONSIDER ME GONE” EPISODE ALF, as we know, stood for Alien Life Form. We also […]

Long Gone Lyons Rails

My only post of July. Down below are two photos of abandoned wig-wags and rails in Lyons, Wisconsin in 1997. The wig-wags and rails look like they are in pretty bad shape. The line that was abandoned was the Milwaukee Road SOUTHWESTERN line in 1980. Finally, in 2000, the wig-wags were removed to a private collector from Minnesota, and the rails were turned into a trail as well. This post is now through. CATCH MY OTHER POSTS!

Sophia Fox And The Lewistown Wig-Wags

Another August post. I know this post’s 2 topics don’t really go together, but I like them, so I’m doing this one for you now. In Lewistown, Montana, there once stood 2 Wig-Wag signals on West Water Street. Down below is a photo of them from 2002. The line was then operated by BNSF. At the time of the photo above being taken, there had been rumors that Lewistown did not want tracks in town anymore, and thus the trains only came to Lewistown about once a week. However, in 2003, a storm washed away part of the track, and […]

Tough Moment in Your Mind?

In Whitewater, there is a Sentry Foods store. Down below is an image of it. Right next to Sentry on the left, there is a Walmart store. Down below is a google maps view of it from October 2007. Then, in the summer of 2011, the Walmart was upgraded into a larger, and cheaper one that now sells foods. Down below is an image of it of September 2012. Due to the newer Walmart being more cheaper, Sentry lost a lot of money. It was in mid-October 2015 that they announced they were closing. The Sentry in Whitewater will be […]

Once a Road, now a Bike Path

In Madison, Wisconsin (before 2006), there used to be a road called Thornton Avenue. It had 2 railroad crossings. One used Gates and Flashers. The other used Wig-Wags. Both crossings were used by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures of the Thornton Avenue #1 Gates and Flashers anywhere on the internet. So I just have some pictures of the crossing #2 Wig-Wags down below. Down below is a photo of the Wig-Wags in action. But then, in the summer of 2006, for reasons unknown, the road was narrowed, and was renamed as Yahara Parkway. The […]

Plymouth, Wi, and Vernon, Mi, Wig-Wags

My first post of October! Plymouth, Wisconsin has 2 railroad crossings shown below. One is at Elizabeth Street, and the other is at Main and Milwaukee Street. There’s an interesting story beyond these crossings. A few decades ago (before 1981), there used to be a total of 6 Wig-Wags here. The Milwaukee Road Rails owned one half of the signals and the CNW Rails owned the other half. In 1981, the Milwaukee Road Rails replaced their half of the signals with modern flashers, while the CNW Rails somewhat left their half alone. There used to be a road called Main Street […]