A Spot for the Community

FOR ROSALYNN CARTER. YOU WILL ALSO BE MISSED. Now, I am certain that you have heard of things such as fundraising drives for food, toys, clothing and other events related to those. Do you recall participating in a food drive at your school? A toy drive? Something like those elsewhere? Of course, that can occur year-round at places as well, such as Goodwill (mom and I have dropped off things there in the past). Suppose it is NOT any part of a chain though; rather, it is only a single center for the community in which it is in. Plus, […]

A Whole New Home…For Water Storage

I apologize if I have not been filling my blog recently, it is just I have been into other things on the internet again. Although yeah, this post will consider a major change for the community which I reside in… Now, we have ALL seen the water tower in our own communities, and ones in other communities as well. The main, more modern one in MY community in Whitewater Is located just down across the road from my old babysitter Chu’s first house, and is light blue and has a of the Whitewater train depot on it. Though, there is […]

Community Scene Perspective

For the community you reside in, you would indeed be aware of its scenery. Just consider pausing and viewing how it appears, however; it will depend on what portion of the community it is, as well as the age and type of those buildings. For instance, the downtown area of Whitewater contains buildings from the later portion of the 19th century… Also on Business Highway 12 in western Whitewater would be the more modern businesses and restaurants, as well as a few senior apartments, Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, a couple hotels, plus Hawk Bowl (with apartments on the inverse side […]

Sophia Fox And The Lewistown Wig-Wags

Another August post. I know this post’s 2 topics don’t really go together, but I like them, so I’m doing this one for you now. In Lewistown, Montana, there once stood 2 Wig-Wag signals on West Water Street. Down below is a photo of them from 2002. The line was then operated by BNSF. At the time of the photo above being taken, there had been rumors that Lewistown did not want tracks in town anymore, and thus the trains only came to Lewistown about once a week. However, in 2003, a storm washed away part of the track, and […]

Goodbye, Sentry

My first (and only) post of November! I also talked about this Sentry closing because of the Wal-Mart next to it being more cheaper in my last post, but here I will talk about it some more. The Sentry Foods market in Whitewater, Wisconsin was built by Fleming Companies, Inc. in 1997. The Daniels company purchased it in 2003. The Sentry is a chain of grocery stores through Wisconsin. Different companies own different Sentry stores. The only other Sentry stores owned the Daniels were located in Janesville (2 stores), Walworth, Elkhorn, and Belleville. East Janesville Sentry West Janesville Sentry Elkhorn […]

Whitewater, Wisconsin-Old and Different

Finally, here’s today’s post: How Whitewater, Wisconsin changed over time. There once was a place called WALL CRAWLERS next to Jessica’s restaurant. It was used by the boy scouts during their activities. It had this huge, indoor climbing wall that the boy scouts could go on. Dad and my older brother Jacob have been to it 5 or 6 times. Mom and I have been in it only once. Google Maps showed photos of it in October 2007 and again in September 2009. Those street views show it back then-open and operating. But in 2010, since no one wanted to be the […]