The Tiny Planets Hour

Posts two saturdays in a row! I admired several shows on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) when I was little. One of them was this 3D-animated show called TINY PLANETS (some people call it Bing and Bong). The show is produced by Sesame Workshop and Pepper’s Ghost Productions. I must say that this is one of the most unusual children’s shows ever. In this show, there is this place called the Home Planet… Here, in the Crystal Cave, live two white, furry aliens names Bing and Bong. The larger one is Bing, and the smaller one is Bong. Every day, Bing […]

You’ve Been Kilroy’ed

Well, now it’s finally the middle of August, just about half a month before school resumes. It’s a sad feeling, but I will do a few posts now before that happens. Remember those ZOLTAR SPEAKS and ZOLTAN posts from last year? And remember how I said ZOLTAR SPEAKS was located at Kilroys in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, this post’s topic will be that place. It is located in a huge brown warehouse building. In fact, I’m sure several people walk or drive past without even noticing what is there. When you get to the door, there is a small sign on […]

How To Use Your Cell Phone Properly

Well, it’s finally summer again now, and this will be my only June post. For all of you people now my age, you probably have cell phones just like I do. In case you were wondering, THIS is how you should use them. In case you want to call someone, you know what to do. Just go to the phone and call that person. But maybe one day, you’re thinking, “Well, of course, I need to call someone very badly. But you know, I just don’t wanna talk a lot.” Don’t worry, you can just send that person a text […]