Joco Post

My older brother Aidan is currently 33, and he and his fiancée Lucy will be having their wedding ceremony within half a year. The two have been dating for the past 4 years. Actually, the two officially became a couple at home a mouth back since they preferred to sooner, though they still will have their ceremony in March in order to celebrate it with friends and family. While I have no sisters, Lucy, as well as her two sisters, are my first sisters-in-law. Where Aidan and Lucy’s wedding ceremony will occur is actually on the Joco Cruise 2022. It […]

2 Sea Stories I Made Up But Sound True

Hello. Sorry I haven’t done any proper posts since August, but my plans have been too busy to do so. Anyway, for this post, I will text 2 sea stories I made up in my head, and both of them take place in New Zealand. Due to me making them up, there will be no pictures. 1. In late August 2007, a group of New Zealand scientists went tiger shark diving. They held baits and the tiger sharks came by after a while, and they made it into a movie. While there, they also filmed a gliding stingray but they […]

Hooked on a Line

Remember how I said I would do a post NEXT weekend? Well, it’s being made THIS weekend. Sorry, but with so many events going on and me being tired, I haven’t been making much posts these days. On September 30, 2004, Japanese Scientists went on a 5-ton fishing boat to the ocean, with sperm whales leading their way. They then lowered a line to 3,000 feet under the ocean. The line had a camera, 2 hook traps, and a fish bait. They had did this 23 times in the past. Then, at 9:15 A.M., a Giant Squid 26 feet long appeared, and […]