Back to the Furniture

You might (and presumably do) look at the furniture in your home as just everyday ones you use. Yet, if you are the head of your household, you also perhaps very well aware of where it all originated from. Well, for THIS post, I will describe a few furniture in my household (just in a single room, actually), which originate from a few ancestors of mine… We first begin with a look at the glass furniture from in cabinets in my dining room… The decorative glass tableware here is roughly 9 decades old!

Baby’s 1st Christmas Post for Rita

Well, remember that tribute post for my niece Rita that I posted up? Well, this of course is her first ever Winter holiday season, and I especially just decided that I would do this post for her, as well. Lucky first time baby, eh? By the way, before I begin doing saying else, I would just like to congratulate my ever-loving niece for making her first Winter holidays ever! Well, for MY own first Christmas two decades ago, I received a golden Rudolph ornament from my late Aunt Sandy (you may have seen the tribute post for her which I […]

It’s A Wonderful New Life

Well hey, today is my sister-in-law’s birthday, so at least I able to say that to her on that day now, other than it being early or belated! In addition, her daughter Marguerite (my loving niece), better known as Rita, was born on April 1, 2023. Her father is also my older brother, Aidan. Rita’s middle name comes from her late grandmother’s first name and the late Aunt Sandy’s middle name as well. Also, in November, she managed to say her first ever word: “Hello.” I also recently gave her my old crab rattle for a holiday present. And man, […]

Au Revoir, Aunt Sandy

Yes, this post is indeed dedicated and is a tribute to my beloved maternal aunt, Sandra, who did pass away just a few days ago, when she was only 57. Aunt Sandy was both my mom and my other aunt, Sue’s, younger sister. My father, brothers, and I had not actually seen her since my grandmother, Lainie’s, funeral service trip, one decade ago in June (she passed away on May 2nd of that year). Yeah, it is normal to not see your aunts that often, yet mom, on the other hand, still had indeed seen her since then. Poor Sandy […]