Now, I am certain that you have heard of things such as fundraising drives for food, toys, clothing and other events related to those. Do you recall participating in a food drive at your school? A toy drive? Something like those elsewhere?

Of course, that can occur year-round at places as well, such as Goodwill (mom and I have dropped off things there in the past). Suppose it is NOT any part of a chain though; rather, it is only a single center for the community in which it is in.

Plus, I do fairly know a certain spot like that in my own community of Whitewater. That is simply named the Whitewater Community Space (which used to be one of the Coburn Company buildings), which houses donating for a variety of items. Those items include toiletries, clothing, furniture, toys, games, electronics, liners, housewares, and sports gear.

There, you also may have a sip of coffee or tea, knit, do a puzzle, or have a book read.

Although, not so fast – the community Space in Whitewater is only open on three days of the week; on Tuesday between 8:30 and 11 in the morning, Wednesday between 3:30 and 7 in the afternoon/evening, and between 8:30 A.M. and noon on Saturday. So please do plan your visit there accordingly!

Well, ever if you live in Whitewater and would like to donate some things and/or collect ones which are needed, then this would be a perfect place to do that!

Also, one bonus thing about this place: on the Whitewater Community Space’s website, it reads, “By sharing what we don’t need, we improve lives, reduce waste, and make our community healthier and more resilient.” I am trying to think of what other places have this sort of motto…and they really do mean it?

Well, one way or another, as always…