Well, it’s finally summer again now, and this will be my only June post.

For all of you people now my age, you probably have cell phones just like I do. In case you were wondering, THIS is how you should use them.


In case you want to call someone, you know what to do. Just go to the phone and call that person.
But maybe one day, you’re thinking,
“Well, of course, I need to call someone very badly. But you know, I just don’t wanna talk a lot.”
Don’t worry, you can just send that person a text message. That is, when you type something and then send it to that person.

Of course, you might play some games like Angry Birds on your phone.AngryBirds.

Have any questions you’ve been wondering for a long time?

Well then, just ask Siri, your phone’s voice!

In case you were wondering, the voice of Siri is this woman named Susan Bennett. Talking to Siri on your phone would be like talking to Susan Bennett herself!

Siri and her Voice

That’s the end of this post.