Yes, this post’s title is accurate, my website first launched and had its first ever post (a tiny, introductory one) published exactly one decade ago today! Now, I believe just at least ONE of you would like a tale on how my website was all formed. And I believe this post is exactly the correct one to consider that on…

At some point in the early 2010s, as I had been liking other children’s websites earlier, my dad actually suggested giving me a website of my own. He considered posting games and other stuff like that on it.

Although the question now was, how would my website exactly be formatted? Dad considered having a picture on my website, and I thought one of a clipart plane would be fine. I even recall the one I choose, and I believe this would be the one:

We never have done any games to put up on The GFD Zone, since we just had this question in our thoughts:

Of course, the first ever post was just welcoming you to the website and pointing out to you the photograph at the pages’s top.

Afterwards, we updated a few posts involving activities or events with me.

Although, since August 2015, the posts that have popped up on this website are just random posts that I like to do.

By the way, happy belated birthday United States of America! (It will be turning 250 within just a few years from now. How amazing is that?