I apologize if I have not been filling my blog recently, it is just I have been into other things on the internet again. Although yeah, this post will consider a major change for the community which I reside in…

Now, we have ALL seen the water tower in our own communities, and ones in other communities as well. The main, more modern one in MY community in Whitewater Is located just down across the road from my old babysitter Chu’s first house, and is light blue and has a of the Whitewater train depot on it.

Though, there is this one other water tower in Whitewater that is located in Starin Park (which is not far at all from our home). It is far older, having been constructed in 1889. And of course, being that older, it has different style as well; it has an octagonal shape made up of tan bricks on its lower portion, an a silver metal cylinder shape on its upper, with a narrow coned roof.

However, nowadays with the water tower having been used for 130 years, the city had made the decision to with a newer one, on a different spot of town. The water is still being held in it for now, although the new replacement tower is currently being constructed. Where the new second tower will be near the high school, a bit down across the highway. It is having the same shape as the main Whitewater one, although I am curious on what it will get painted in.

The old water tower at Starin Park will remain there, however, pretty much on display.

So, while you may not be familiar with a process like this going on in YOUR community, or elsewhere, a fine example of it is clearly in this post here. Of course, there are other community projects that are as rare as this one, although I am not certain if I really can name one…

Update, October 14, 2023:

The water tower has now been completed a year ago or so, and the water from the antique one in Starin Park has now been moved into it as well. It has been painted pretty similar to the main one, only with a different picture inside an oval, yet still with the depot in it. And, here is a photograph of it below: