Well, now it’s finally the last day of summer vacation (for this year). This will be similar to the summer-end post from last year, but without the ZOLTAN FORTUNE TELLER features.

I know, the end of summer vacation is okay, but it’s also sad, because #1) you have to wait until the next June for the next summer, and #2) you’ll have to do school and homework for several months.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about some of the major events that happened this summer.

I went to Summer School from June 13 to July 8. From July 19-23, Mom and I visited my older brother Jake in Missouri. We stayed at the hotel Fredrick. There, we went to a movie (Finding Dory), a jazz museum, an aquarium, and a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Well, that was our last big trip in our old car, the Rabbit. 2 days after we got back from Missouri, it was replaced by a newer car called the Golf.

In early August, Grandpa Jack and Barb came to visit. We went on a small Lake Geneva Cruise. Later that month, Mom and I went to Rockin’ Jump in Madison (I had already gone there in January), which is this trampoline park and rock gym.

Our last major vacation of this summer was to the Cave Of The Mounds in a real cave tour on August 27. I can believe it’s been 4 days already :|.

One more major thing that happened this summer was that we got 2 new kittens from my piano teacher on August 16. One is named Oliver. The other is named Molly. Oliver is male and Molly is female. That was the first time ever in our lives we’ve had more than 2 cats.

Well, we’ve been out of school for 3 months now. I know it’s hard to believe after this year I’ll be in High School. Not having to do any schoolwork for 3 months has been great. But enough is enough.

Thankfully, summer 2017 will start June 5. Also, School Week 1 will be only 2 days long, and Week 2 will be just 4 days long. Week 3 will be my first full week of 8th grade. I’m sure I’ll also have only a tiny bit of homework at first, but I’m sure I’ll get more as the weeks go on. Also, I expect my friend Brandon will not be used to the end of summer like last year. We’ll still have weekends, and my first weekend of 8th grade will be 3 days long. And by now to say, being over 12 years old hasn’t been all that bad.

Well, now this post is over, and so is this year’s summer vacation.