You remember how two posts ago, I considered how business are able to go through name and owner change? Well, I will consider just another situation like that in THIS post as well…

Until just a couple years ago, there were two Citgo fuel stations in my community (similar to the future two Kwik Trips). One was located on Main street, just across the road from Wal-Mart. The other was also on Main street, but on the inverse side of town, not far at all from the elementary school which I attended.

The Citgo that was across the road from Wal-Mart.
And yes, this is the Citgo that was near my former elementary school.

The convenience stores and fuel were both fine. The car wash as fine as well: being in one, Citgo or not, with dad or mom was nice. There was also this one portion that I found investing, where the car wash sprayed on these that were multicolored, particularly purple, pink, turquoise, and yellow.

This video below is from a Citgo car wash (not from either of the former two in my community, but from a different one in the same state).


However, at the beginning on 2018, another convenience store chain by the name of Casey’s had made the decision to sell to acquire both Whitewater Citgo locations, as part of an acquisition of five stores within the area. Thus the transition of both was wrapped up later on that year.

However, while the two Casey’s stores and gas stations in Whitewater are still about just as good, the same, unfortunately, cannot quite be said with its car washes.

When we attempted to get one of our cars washed not along following the transition, it came out not as great as it did when it got washed when the place was still Citgo’s. Although, there were no longer any of those multicolored soap splats, so that might have been it.

Update, September 12, 2023: