There once was a Wig-Wag signal at Blue River, Wisconsin. The road was South East Street, and the railroad was Wisconsin and Southern. The other side of the crossing had one crossbuck, and one yield sign.




But then, during October of 2006, things changed. The workers had re-paved the road at the crossing, resulting the Wig-Wag to get pulled out of service, and a crossbuck and a stop sign took over the Wig-Wag. Down below is an image of the new replacement sign right after the crossing was upgraded.


In Madison, Wisconsin, there are 2 crossings on the same pathway. They are Yahara Parkway #1 and Yahara Parkway #2.


Yahara Parkway #1


Yahara Parkway #2

The name of the path is, of course, Yahara Parkway. The railroad is also Wisconsin and Southern. Notice Yahara Parkway #2 is the crossing with the Wig-Wag signals.

There’s an interesting story upon these crossings. Several years ago, the Yahara path used to be wider, and as a street called Thornton Avenue. But then, in the summer of 2006, for reasons unknown, the road was narrowed and turned into a pedestrian/bike path called Yahara Parkway. When it was Thornton Avenue, crossing #1 used Gates and Flashers, and crossing #2 used Wig-Wags. When it was turned into Yahara Parkway, the crossing #1 Gates and Flashers were torn out and were replaced with crossbucks and miniature stop signs. The Wig-Wags at crossing #2 somehow survived the path upgrade.

But then, in the early spring of 2010, the crossing #2 Wig-Wags were torn out and were replaced by crossbucks and yield signs. Down below is a photo of one of the new crossing #2 signs from 2013. It is only viewed from behind, but who really cares?


In addition to replacing the Wig-Wags with wooden signs at crossing #2, later they also added a yellow dashed line to the path. The miniature stop signs on the crossing #1 sign poles were eventually removed, but soon they were put back on.

Lastly, there were 2 Wig-Wags in Alton, Illinois, on Illinois Street, and the line was operated by the Union Pacific.



But then, in the late 2000’s, the road was shorted and a line was removed, so both signals are gone now. They did not get torn out at exactly the same time, however.

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