In the LITTLE BEAR episode, “Rainy Day Friends”, Grandfather Bear has 4 toys that he plays with on rainy days. And the toys are:

The Happy Ball- A small, pink ball. Its jaw is light pink with a small, dark, and red bear nose on it. The nose has a line down through it. The ball has white eyes with small, pure-black pupils on them. Above the eye, are small, thin eyebrows. The ball was shown smiling.

The Jack-in-the-Box- A bear clown that has an orange, 3-edged jester hat, with a small, yellow bell on each edge. He has a light brown had and a dark brown jaw, and a very dark brown nose. The jaw has a smile on it. He has small, black eyes with brown triangles above and below his eyes. His ears have lines in the middle. His wears a light green shirt with light, thin, and black lines down the middle. On the shirt there is a green clown’s collar and sleeves for his arms. The sleeves have bigger edges at their ends. On the clown’s hands there are orange mittens. The mittens don’t have fingers but they do have thumbs. The box is light blue with dark blue triangles through the middle that stick up. The inside of the box is light brown. On the right side of the box the is a sliver, curved, sideways-sticking-out pole, and has a red, cylinder handle. You would twirl the handle around a few times to get the bear clown to pop out of the lid.

The Toy Solider- A small, toy bear solider. He has a full-brown head, a small black nose, and small black eyes. His ears have no lines, and his jaw has no line or mouth. His hat is mostly green, and rectangular prism-shaped. The had has a black visor, and a thin yellow line at the bottom with small circles on each side. The hat has a red, flat, and blank charm that sticks out and a black strap that goes underneath the bear solider’s jaw. He wears a green uniform shirt with a black strap down throughout the middle. His solders are shaped like spheres and are green. His arms are cylinder shaped, and are mostly green, except for a top red stripe and a bottom black stripe near the bottom. His hands are sphere-shapeds, brown, and fingerless. On his hands there are little brown drumsticks, which he holds over his drum. His drum has yellow pads, is red through the middle with yellow triangles sticking up, and the drum is attached to the bottom of his shirt uniform. On his legs there are dark blue pants and on his feet there are plain black shoes. On the bear solider’s back there is a small sliver key with 2 holes. You would wind the key up to get the bear solider to play his drum and walk around.

The Train- A toy train. The locomotive is mostly red, and his shaped like a steam engine. The funnel is small at the bottom, and big at the top. It is mostly blue with a red stripe throughout the middle. The inside of the funnel (I think) is red. The front of the locomotive has a yellow headlight in the middle. The train’s broom is dark gray with thin, black lines across it. The locomotive’s cylinder (right before it reaches the front) has a dark red stripe on it. The cab of the locomotive has 3 windows: one in the front, one on the left, and one on the right. The back of the locomotive is wide open so you could get in and out. The cab’s roof is red with a gray whistle on it. The cars all have gray wheels with small, black circles in the middle. There are all gray wires with thin, black lines across them to connect the cars together. The 3 riding cars are all pure-light blue and trapezoid-shaped with big spaces inside them so that all the other toys could fit in (the Happy Ball, the Jack-in-the-Box, and the Toy Solider). The caboose is red, rectangular-shaped, with a red roof and blue windows the thin, black frames on the lines. It has railroad tracks that it chugs on.

Imagine of those toys got made as replicas. If I had to make them, I would have them mostly like they were in the episode, except I would just add a few adjustments:

*Add a tune to the Jack-in-the-Box: For unknown reasons, the Jack-in-the-Box did not have a tune in this segment. I would possibly add the tune “Pop Goes the Weasel” to whenever the handle is turning.

-In addition to adding a new tune, I would possibly replace the stuffed balls on the hat’s edges with small, ringing jingle balls-if the bells won’t fall off and get lost.

*Add attractions to the train tracks: The caves and hills on the actual toy train tracks were really just all books of Grandfather Bear. I most likely could build a cave, hills, and a stream bridge and add them to the tracks. The bear clown is pretty tall, however. I don’t wanna make the cave TOO much tall, so the Jack-in-the-Box would probably have to stay closes the train the underneath the cave, but at that point I’m sure the kids won’t really mind.

*Give the train an engineer: The only time the train had an engineer was in Little Bear’s adventure dream. And yes, that engineer was Little Bear himself. I would make a bear (not Little Bear) and attach it inside the engine’s cab. I would also make controls onto the inside of the cab’s front. While he was engineering, Little bear only wore an engineer’s hat. I would add an engineer’s hat to the engineer bear as well, but I would also add more clothing, such as a bandana, a shirt, overalls, and stuff like that.

*Possibly give the Toy Solider a mouth: Like I said earlier, the Toy Solider is mouthless. I would possibly add a mouth to the bear solider so kids wouldn’t have to worry about that. Usually children’s toys are cheerfulish, so that means they have to smile. Soliders usually don’t smile, however. I suppose I would possibly make the mouth to look regular solider-like, but all children like seeing happy things better, so you never know.

Now after all that I’ve went through, it’s finally time to watch the “Rainy Day Friends” segment. It’s from 1:02-8:31.

I bet once those replicas were made, the young children would LOVE playing with these on rainy days. Since the real beings in the segment are bears, the toys are bear-alike, but I’m sure the kids then wouldn’t really mind.

Well, that’s the end of this post. Stay tuned for my next one!