If you’ve ever watched the 1999 film STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE, you’d probably remember the pod race scene, on Tatooine, called the Boonta Eve Classic. Down below is a video of the whole, entire race.

A few scenes including Lap 2 were cut off, however. Down below is the extended lap 2 version with the deleted scenes.

Anakin Skywalker won the race and Sebulba (the track favorite) crashed.

In addition to putting it in the film, they also made a game of it called STAR WARS EPISODE 1: RACER.


The Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine with Sebulba was in this game, but it was not the only corse. The names of the other tracks are:

Boonta Training Course (Tatoonie) (with Sebulba)

Mon Gazza Speedway (Mon Gazza) (with Teemto Pagalies)

Beedo’s Wild Ride (Ando Prime) (with Aldar Beedo)

Aquarlis Classic (Aquarlis) (with Clegg Holdfast)

Malastare 100 (Malastare) (with Dud Bolt)

Vengeance (Oovo IV) (with Fud Sang)

Spice Mine Run (Mon Gazza) (with Mars Guo)

Sunken City (Aquarlis) (with “Bullseye” Navior)

Howler George (Ando Prime) (with Ratts Tyerell)

Dug Derby (Malastare) (with Elan Mak)

Scrapper’s Run (Ord Ibanna) (with Wan Sandage)

Zugga Challenge (Mon Gazza) (with Boles Roor)

Baroo Coast (Baroonda) (with Neva Kee)

Bumby’s Breakers (Aquarlis) (with Ark “Bumpy” Roose)

Executioner (Oovo IV) (with Toy Dampner)

Sebulba’s Legacy (Malastare) (with Sebulba)

Grabvine Gateway (Baroonda) (with Anakin Skywalker)

Andobi Mountain Run (Ando Prime) (with Manhownic)

Dethro’s Revenge (Ord Ibanna) (with Ody Mandrell)

Fire Mountain Rally (Baroonda) (with Ebe Endecott)

Ando Prime Centrum (Ando Prime) (with Slide Paramita)

Abyss (Ord Ibanna) (with Bozzie Baranta)

The Gauntlet (Oovo IV) (with Gasgano)

Inferno (Baroonda) (with Ben Quadinaros)

Now, I’m gonna show you only a few tracks. Yes, I know, it would have been cooler if I posted up ALL of them, but I thought that if I did, it would just waste up too much room.

So I posted up 3 tracks below. In the first video, the track is Howler George. In the second, the track is Zugga Challenge. And in the third, the track is Bumby’s Breakers. The first 2 videos are raced with Ark “Bumby” Roose. The last video is raced with Boles Roor.

In case any of you guys wanted to see a course with its track favorite, I posted up 2 down below. That is (to be exact) Toy Dampner racing in Executioner, and Bozzie Baranta racing in Abyss. You can only see most of their engines while their podracers fly, but who really cares?

And luckily, if you crash your pod, a green arrow will show, and you may keep on racing.

But there’s the thing: At the start of the game, some racers will be locked, including Sebulba. In order to unlock them, you must defeat them in their tracks. Most locked racers will have only 1 track for you to defeat, but Sebulba, however, has 3 tracks for you to defeat.

A sequel to this game was released during 2002. It is called STAR WRAS RACER REVENGE. But I think telling you about would just waste a little bit of time. You many look it up on the internet if you want to learn more about. But here are 2 things: It takes places 8 years after the original, and if you crash your pod, your race is over. This is an arcade, too, but I’m just not gonna post the info since it’s just gonna waste room.

That’s the end of this post. Hopefully, I’ll write again tomorrow.