While a business may be around for quite a few decades, it might not always operate in the same building. I did consider a similar thing in a recent post involving Whitewater High School.

If you would like a second example however, I would be glad to give it to you: The Coburn Company, which has produced farm and animal related equipment, and was first established in 1925. Though, it did not move into a building at 834 West Milwaukee Street until 1975.

Plus in 2005, the Company expanded into a second building as well at 1065 Universal Boulevard.

However, in 2015, the Coburn Company was proffering to get operations underneath one roof, as well as the fact that the company that been expanding.

With that, in October of that year, Coburn purchased the Trek Bicycle Cooperation building also at Universal Blvd., and the move out of both buildings was completed by June 2016. Coburn has occupied the building ever since then.

As for the current fate former two buildings, the Whitewater Community Space opened in its place at 834 West Milwaukee Street in 2019, as well as a Fastenal at 1065 Universal Blvd the following year.