Suppose your family has owned different automobiles through the years. In my family’s case, while we owned three cars from the time of my birth, for nearly the past decade and a half we have currently owned just two at a time.

A couple of those three cars were both Chevrolet Blazers, just painted in different color schemes, one with sunset gold, the other with green. The final was a black Saturn SL2.

Sadly, we first lost the green Blazer in the early summer of 2007, when it simply became too old and no longer worked. The same thing occurred with the SL2 later on the same summer, during a drive home. It was necessary for us to step out of it and call a towing service. When the towing arrived, I was afraid and got into tears, but it was not necessary for me to be; I actually found the towing ride for the remainder of the trip rather enjoyable.

With that, the lone remaining of those three cars was the sunset gold Blazer. In October 2007, we drove to the Frank Boucher dealership Janesville and replaced the former two cars with a red Volkswagen Rabbit. I even selected which color it would be, as red had been the color that is my favorite!

Anyway, we still kept the sunset gold Blazer until April 2008, following an accident where dad drove it into a pole in rainy weather. He replaced that as well with a silver Mazda Mazda3 just afterwards.

Those two were the cars we had owned until June 2014, we just felt like getting a Mini Cooper, so we replaced the Mazda3 with a gray type of those with black-white striped lining on each side of its hood at the MINI dealership of Madison.

Following that in July 2016, my maternal grandfather informed us that there was a special sale occurring in Janesville, and offered to help us out with that. My mom preferred a four-door car better as well, so that month, we dropped the Rabbit off for sale and received a blue Volkswagen Golf, both also at Frank Boucher in Janesville.

Those have been the two cars we have owned ever since. Just consider what sorts of automobiles you have noticed at used auto sales as well, whether they are similar to any of these ones.