In case you were unaware of this, I rather contain an ear for music. My iPhone initially contained must Amazon Music until it got switched to apple music in the summer of 2018, since amazon music was increasing the amount of songs still available.

Amazon Music icon.
Apple Music icon.

Once in June 2012 in the midst of a Virginia Trip, en rout to home from Washington D>C. while in a large tragic jam, my Mom showed mea number of children’s apps, such as Frosby, Memory Train, and Bugs and Buttons.

Frosby icon.
Memory Train icon.
Bugs and Buttons icon.

Also, in August 2014, in the midst of a trip iOn Mona Terrace with Grandpa Jack and his friend Barb, Dad showed me the Dots apple game.

Dots icon.

Also, When I iPad got updated in early 2016, A number a further games were added, such as Two Dots and Hearthstone.

Two Dots icon.

Also, prior to that in early 2014, a number of apps got updated to my phone as well, including Angry Birds, Angry Bird Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Flow Free, as well as Dress the Griffin.

Angry Birds icon.
Angry Birds Space icon.
Angry Birds Seasons icon.
Flow Free icon.
Dress the Griffin icon.

A further have owned since approximately the summer of 2013 is Aero!.

Aero! icon.

Furthermore, we are ALL aware of the Phone, Clock, Notes, Camera, Messages, Flashlight, Text, Mail, as well as Software apps, as well as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox apps if your phone contains one.

Phone icon.
Clock icon.
Notes icon.
Camera icon.
Messages icon.
Flashlight icon.
Mail icon.
Settings icon.
Safari icon.
Chrome icon.
Firefox icon.

A single additional app that I gained and also contain on my watch in early 2019 and also contain on my watch is Shazam.

Shazam icon.