Well, it’s FINALLY 2016, and now I’m finally 13 years old. Today was the last day of Winter Break, and I guess that means I’ll do only 1 Winter Break post. I know you were hoping for more, but I’ve been too interested in other things.

Well anyway, in 1916, the Goldwyn Pictures studio filmed the lion logo for the first time.

They filmed another lion in 1923.

In 1924, Goldwyn Pictures teamed up with Metro Pictures and Mayer Pictures to form Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios.

Metro and Mayer both liked Goldwyn’s logo, so they decided to make the lion their official logo.

The filmed a lion named Slats and used him for their first 4 years of service.

They used another version of the clip for the 1925 film THE CIRCLE.

In 1928, Metro Goldwyn Mayer ending their silent era and began airing sound films.

At that point they removed Slats used a lion named Jackie with sound for the first time.

Jackie was used in much of MGM’s black-and-white sound films.

Apparently, it is rare to find Jackie in color, but in the color version of the 1934 film BABIES IN TOYLAND.

MGM even animated Jackie for one of its cartoons.

At about the same time MGM added sound to their films, they began releasing 2-strip color films as well.

At the point, MGM introduced a lion named Telly.

In 1932, MGM removed Telly and replaced him with a new lion named Coffee.

Then, in 1934, Coffee was also removed when MGM added a 3rd strip into their color filming. Tanner, another popular lion, was introduced at that point.

Then, in 1953, MGM removed the marquee below the circle and placed the company name on top of it. At this point, black-and-white films used Jackie and color films used Tanner.

In 1956, MGM removed Tanner and Jackie and replaced them with a new lion named George.

Then, in 1957, George was joined by a new lion named Leo.

In 1958, MGM removed George and Leo took full control of the films.

Then, in 1982, MGM gave Leo some new roars.

In 1984, MGM changed the circle color from white to gold.

Only small changes have been made to the logo since then.

But in 2012, a new HD MGM logo was introduced.

This is MGM’s current logo.

Well, Spring Break is in just 2 months from now, and I could possibly on my webpage for Spring Break as well. This is unlikely since my parents and I are going on a trip to Florida for much of Spring Break. But you never know.

Summer is in just 5 months from now, and I’m looking forward to it!

That’s the end of this post, and I’ll write several more posts for 2016. We’re gonna try to make it a good year!