You are presumably aware that artists, even children who are still taking class, may be experienced ones. It also may be as part of a class art assignment. This post will consider four art assignments of mine like that from my previous two high school years, three from 11th grade and the other from 12th grade.

In Art 2D in 11th grade in September 2019, we were assigned to do an assignment that parodied certain notable artwork with animated characters. For mine, following pondering for a bit, I ended up figuring I would do a parody of the American Gothic with Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and Ms. Gill enjoyed that decision.

As part of the assignment, it was necessary for us to draw a rough draft pencil sketch of our artwork ahead of time. Therefore, I did mine for my American Gothic parody with Roger and Jessica Rabbit, where Jessica is posing as the farmer, as well as holding the pitchfork, whereas Roger is posing as the woman to the left of him.

The rough draft where it was drawn only in pencil that I did.

Finally by that next month, the final draft was wrapped up; I did that one by colored pencil. It ended up being placed in the display case in a tiny hallway on the right, directly in front of the hallway doors where Ms. GIll’s room is located, along with a large number of additional projects from this assignment. There was also initially a plan to place them in Whitewater’s Free Library as part of an art show there in April as well, although it got called off due to COVID-19. Mom then sent it to additional teachers and friends throughout facebook instead.

Me holding the final draft of the Roger and Jessica Rabbit American Gothic parody, just following wrapping it up.
The same artwork as it appears in my bedroom today.

Just following that project, we also received a further assignment, which was a project involving 5 images, one with out name spelled out, and as the images went on, the letters morphed into something separate.

Figuring what mine would morph into was not the easiest, although then I came up with them morphing into instruments on a stage, with a certain in the rear of them.

My project with the 5 images where my name morphs into instruments.

Also, within the spring semester of that school year, we were assigned to do a colored painting of a family member’s face, with separate paint colors for specific details, from a photograph image of them.

I figured I would do mine a a close-up photograph of my mom, and I asked her for it. She handed me this photograph of her face:

Following that, I decided to use the hot-themed colors red, yellow, and orange for my project. It took rather a bit to get it outlined. First of all, we began the project with lines, all vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, in pencil, in order to us to line the face up. Following that, we drew the face in pencil as well. Following that as well, we erased the lines; that is when we began painting. I ended up having to wrap mine up t home; I actually ended up painting it until approximately 2 A.M.! Not to be concerned though, I did get along alright the following school day.

The hot-colored painting of mom’s face, also as it appears in my bedroom today.

Finally, within the conclusion of thy previous school year, we were assigned to an assignment that involved a serene nature scene from a photograph.

Within that process, I ended up selecting this image:

The serene photograph that I selected.

I also did this one at home purely as a result of COVID-19, though I turned it in Ms. Gill’s room as well.

The final artwork as it appears in my bedroom today.