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3rd “Hi” Post



Another “Hi” Post

This is another “Hello” post from October.

That’s the end of this very quick post.


My “Hi” Post

A very quick post from September.

I just wanted to to say “Hi” or “greetings”. I’m doing okay right now.

That’s the end of this post.


Goodbye, Summer 2016

Well, now it’s finally the last day of summer vacation (for this year). This will be similar to the summer-end post from last year, but without the ZOLTAN FORTUNE TELLER features.

I know, the end of summer vacation is okay, but it’s also sad, because #1) you have to wait until the next June for the next summer, and #2) you’ll have to do school and homework for several months.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about some of the major events that happened this summer.

I went to Summer School from June 13 to July 8. From July 19-23, Mom and I visited my older brother Jake in Missouri. We stayed at the hotel Fredrick. There, we went to a movie (Finding Dory), a jazz museum, an aquarium, and a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Well, that was our last big trip in our old car, the Rabbit. 2 days after we got back from Missouri, it was replaced by a newer car called the Golf.

In early August, Grandpa Jack and Barb came to visit. We went on a small Lake Geneva Cruise. Later that month, Mom and I went to Rockin’ Jump in Madison (I had already gone there in January), which is this trampoline park and rock gym.

Our last major vacation of this summer was to the Cave Of The Mounds in a real cave tour on August 27. I can believe it’s been 4 days already :|.

One more major thing that happened this summer was that we got 2 new kittens from my piano teacher on August 16. One is named Oliver. The other is named Molly. Oliver is male and Molly is female. That was the first time ever in our lives we’ve had more than 2 cats.

Well, we’ve been out of school for 3 months now. I know it’s hard to believe after this year I’ll be in High School. Not having to do any schoolwork for 3 months has been great. But enough is enough.

Thankfully, summer 2017 will start June 5. Also, School Week 1 will be only 2 days long, and Week 2 will be just 4 days long. Week 3 will be my first full week of 8th grade. I’m sure I’ll also have only a tiny bit of homework at first, but I’m sure I’ll get more as the weeks go on. Also, I expect my friend Brandon will not be used to the end of summer like last year. We’ll still have weekends, and my first weekend of 8th grade will be 3 days long. And by now to say, being over 12 years old hasn’t been all that bad.

Well, now this post is over, and so is this year’s summer vacation.



Ice Age Trail

One of my last posts for Summer 2016. This will be a little bit short.

There is a trail in in Wisconsin from the last Ice Age. My family has been on it a few times.


Their mascot is Monty the Woolly Mammoth.


That’s the end of this post.


Sophia Fox And The Lewistown Wig-Wags

Another August post. I know this post’s 2 topics don’t really go together, but I like them, so I’m doing this one for you now.

In Lewistown, Montana, there once stood 2 Wig-Wag signals on West Water Street. Down below is a photo of them from 2002.


The line was then operated by BNSF. At the time of the photo above being taken, there had been rumors that Lewistown did not want tracks in town anymore, and thus the trains only came to Lewistown about once a week.

However, in 2003, a storm washed away part of the track, and the line was taken out of service. Finally, in December 2005, BNSF got permission to abandon the Lewistown line. Then the word got around that the Wig-Wags and other railroad crossing signals there would be removed. The rails would also be pulled and the line would become a crosswalk trail. This finally happened during 2006.

Now, for your preschooler family member, he or she may have heard of a show called TEAM UMIZOOMI. Ever wondered who voiced Milli during the season 1  episodes (except the episode “The Butterfly Dance Show”, for unknown reasons)? Well, down below is a picture of the girl recording as Milli.


Her name is Sophia Fox, only it’s spelled “Sofia Fox” in the picture. She was born in 1999 in New York City.

Other voice actors for those episodes include Ethan Kempner and Donovan Patton.

That’s the end of this post. There’s just about 2 weeks before school resumes.


You’ve Been Kilroy’ed

Well, now it’s finally the middle of August, just about half a month before school resumes. It’s a sad feeling, but I will do a few posts now before that happens.

Remember those ZOLTAR SPEAKS and ZOLTAN posts from last year? And remember how I said ZOLTAR SPEAKS was located at Kilroys in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, this post’s topic will be that place.

It is located in a huge brown warehouse building. In fact, I’m sure several people walk or drive past without even noticing what is there.

When you get to the door, there is a small sign on it that only gives you a small clue to what Kilroys has. After you open it, and then go down a stairway, you arrive there.


The store is owned by this guy named Kevin Hammerback. Down below are 2 videos of the shop with tours.

Kilroys has a ZOLTAR SPEAKS, a ZOLTAN, and several slot machines.

That’s the end of this post. Like last year, I’ll do more August posts and the last August post will be a farewell to summer vacation, a bit about my future, and it will be published on the last day of summer vacation.


Grandpa Jack And Barb’s Upcomming Trip

My final post of July. This may be short.

Grandpa Jack and Barb are coming from August 2-August 4. We will be going on a boat in Lake Geneva.

That’s the end of this post.


A Tribute To Chu – My Nice Babysitter

This post will be about my original babysitters. Gone 3 years now, and I decided to make a tribute to them.

My babysitter Carmen, also known as Chu, was my main one of these guys. She had a husband named Kenneth. Their daughters were Valerie, Gaby, and Vivi.

When I was born, they lived in a white and brown house in town. It was located at 409 East Cravath Street. I would go there whenever my parents were at school and work. I watched TV there. Plus, they had a slide, a swing, and a trampoline we would go on together. Down below is a little me at Chu’s old house (the white part of the home has since been repainted brown).


Sometime during 2007, Chu and her family moved across town into a solid brown house on West Court Street. They took the trampoline with them (unlike the slide and swing). Down below is a Google Street View of Chu’s new home.

I also watched TELETUBBIES and BOOHBAH on PBS KIDS at her houses several times at her house when I was a toddler. At one point, I was trying to watch an episode of BOOHBAH, and Vivi kept changing the channel to LILO AND STITCH and back, much to my annoyance. Both shows could be seen on PBS KIDS until 2008. Down below are TELETUBBIES and BOOHBAH episodes from PBS KIDS.

I had watched other kids channels there such as NICK JR.

Chu also had lots of BARNEY videos. Down below is one of them.

They also had several other videos, like DONKEY KONG.

Also, Kenneth was a pastor. We also went to the Crosspointe Community Church several times (I think that was the church Kenneth worked at but I’m not 100% sure).


We went to several other places also, such as Closes families that were friends with Chu’s family. At one point Chu was in Costa Rica for a whole year.

Then, sometime around March 2010 or so, Vivi got a puppy named Smokey. Now I don’t to make Smokey upset, but I didn’t really like him that much. He bothered me a lot. Sometimes he would run near me, even though I told him not to. He also chewed on some of my older things, yet I still had sweet times at Chu’s house.

Sadly, the number of TV channels I could watch on Chu’s television slowly decreased in those later days. The last time Chu’s family babysitted me was in July of 2011. I guess some of my other babysitters started doing their businesses more often. Afterward, I rarely ever saw Chu’s family.

In the summer of 2013, however, Chu and her family were planning to move again, this time to Florida. My Mom and I went into their house one last time to say good-bye in July. Shortly afterward, they moved away to Florida. I think the new home is in a town near Orlando. I hope they have a good life there, and I hope Smokey will try not to bother anyone like he did with me.

Well, now that this tribute is finished, so is this post.


How To Stay Fine At A Hotel

My first post of July!

Suppose your family is going on a vacation. You must just stay a hotel during it. This is what you might expect.

When you get there, you may feel excitement in your body. Your family checks in as soon as you get inside.

Holiday Inn

Then you get into your hotel room. It is rather a bit small, but it’s fine enough.

Hotel Room

The hotel room may or may not have a microwave. However, i bet it might have a TV. For those of you kids, you may not find too many kid’s channels on that TV. However, you might find some sports channels.

Suppose you want to go for a swim while you’re there. Most hotels, of course, have pools.

Hotel pools can be indoor or outdoor. The one shown right below is outdoor.


If you’re lucky, the pool may have a water slide….


Plus, if you’re even luckier, the pool may just be a WATERPARK….Waterpark

The hotel’s waterpark may be a Coco Key Water Resort. It shares space in some hotels, but there is a fully themed one in Orlando, Florida.

Coco Key

Or, if you want to go to fun-filled resorts outside of Orlando, you may go to Kalahari Resorts or Great Wolf Lodge.


Great Wolf Lodge

Now, in addition to having a pool, your hotel may have an arcade, or even a casino.



Many hotels, of course, have places where you can eat. Some hotels just have a small breakfast area. Others have restaurants.



Also, the hotel may even have a playground.


Finally, after a while of staying, your family will check out, and then leave the hotel.

Well, that’s pretty much all of it, meaning that this post is finished.